Blackhawks win, Cena loses bet

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Senhor Perfect, Jun 25, 2013.

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  2. He'll get his win back next year.
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  3. Cena has to give money to the wolverine foundation
  4. His skinny ass wishes he could hold a candle to Logan.
  5. Seeing that Cena lost money to Punk makes it even better since I'm a Blackhawks fan.
  6. I tend to back Chicago by default in American sports even though I don't follow them. Go cubs, go bears, go Bulls.

  7. The only Chicago team I like is the Blackhawks. Being from Wisconsin I surprise people when I say that I like them. In football in baseball in particular Wisconsin and Illinois are rivals.

  8. So I can back Rose, hate Billy Goats and piss off Aids Johnson ? Call me into the Chi town crew.
  9. My dad likes the Bears :hmm: Chicago has talent, I will admit that with sports. Not the best, but they are diverse.
  10. Haha. You being a cubs fan gives me ammo, if anything. Packers > bears, and no one in the state cares about the Bucks.

    I do love that you think about me in your time off the forum though :obama: Dont worry, i wont tell Alkaline.

  11. If it wasn't for a god damn shitty goat and a fucking idiot dropping a foul shot the cubs would have run away with it.
  12. I'm glad it didnt work out.
  13. I'm glad you enjoyed my baseball knowledge.
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  14. you are the one and only Seab.

  15. I actually was reading about them from Google around 2 days ago, no idea how or why but the goat story intrigued me.
  16. it's not curse of the bambino but it is lolworthy.

  17. Damn those Red Soxs ( I hope wiki is right here :silva: ) some of the random things they did to get rid of it was so odd, bring a goat on the field I kind of get but there were people apparently sending severed goat's heads.

  18. what did you search for to find that pic. haha.
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  19. Cubs are good
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