Blacks Can't Be Racist?

Discussion in 'Serious Topics & Debates' started by Neptune, Dec 22, 2015.

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  1. I say this as a joke all the time because a lot, NOT ALL, act as if this is a factual statement. I guess MTV agrees that black people can't be racist... For real though. Watch the video and share your thoughts.

    I find it funny how educated/open-minded people, no matter what race (black included) acknowledge that blacks are the most racist group of them all (they have the highest % of conducting and enforcing racism... Think Black Panthers). They are also the most sexist against their own women in America. Sadly, me stating this will likely deem me a racist by a lot of people. I see color but I don't judge based on it. Really, no one should judge another person in general.

    Anyways... What are your thoughts?
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  2. What the fuck? This is legit brainwash... lol MTV you are the devil. Of course blacks can be racist. Anyone can be racist.

    I think am racist btw, I hate the human race. :emoji_slight_frown:
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  3. America is going through a "worship all blacks" phase right now, tbh. If you don't worship the blacks you're a goddamn racist!
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  4. Yea and a gay worship as well. The best thing to be right now is a gay black woman in America. You will have millions of supporters if someone even dares say anything against you. I am not a homophobic or a racist, I am a factual observer.
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  5. Race baiting, 'Sexism', and just overall stupidity everywhere. All the time. Blegh.

    Can the apocalypse just happen already? Lots of people deserve to be in Hell.

  6. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Favorite quote I've read in a while. I'm the same way.
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  7. A lot of people already have their tickets. Sadly.
  8. They made a documentary called White People earlier this year. It was about how we're so entitled, and we ought to be apologists for what's happening to other races. Even if we don't have a direct part in it. So yeah, fuck MTV. They ought to stick on making another Rob Dyrdek show.
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  9. What Hitler feared would happen to Germany is now happening to 'Murrica. Facts.
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  10. Or is it okay to only hate Whites? I mean that's cool right.
  11. It is the cool thing to do. Being a white male in America = A sexist, racist pig... Unless you are gay. Then you are okay.
  12. Black Lives Matter is basically a racist campaign.
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  13. Your sig distracted me.
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  14. "Black lives" matter, but Syrian lives... ehhhh who carezzzz. And is it really black lives that matter or just African american lives? I mean who really cares about black people suffering in 3rd world countries.
  15. Yeah, her slutty/bitchy/ratchet attitude turns me on as well.
  16. A black man kills black man = no coverage/no one cares/etc.
    a white man kills black man = omg no, racist pig, why do they hate black people? #blacklivesmatter
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  17. Black people say ***** more than the Grand Wizard. lol
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  18. Does anyone remember when that news reporter and cameraman got killed on live television by a black man? No one made that a race issue, but for some reason, when the roles are turned it is because that fits the medias agenda. And to retaliate of the killing of black people, they riot, rob areas and think that's gonna fix the problem. Yeeah, okay.
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  19. He mentions that in the video actually.
  20. I feel like I'm at a Klan meeting :jeritroll:
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