Blake Griffin is an animal!

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Senhor Perfect, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. I've been watching some of his dunks on YouTube and the kid is just amazing. Dunking over anyone or anything :hardcore:


    Can't post the vid right now, but here's the link.
  2. He is a pretty powerful, his dunks are breathtaking. His free throw shooting has improved and he has started to develope a mid-range game. He still hasn't even reached his full potential
  3. All humans are animals

    Also Griffin and the Clippers are getting fucked up tonight in Oakland
  4. Hilarious as usual :pity:

    The Clippers are on a huge tear, they won't lose tonight
  5. Over or under 24 minutes until David Lee is put on a poster?
  6. Over, it'll be the second half when the Clippers are up by double digits.
  7. I actually have Golden State tonight but LAC returning the favor saturday. Still, David Lee will be made a bitch
  8. David Lee will tear apart these Clippers pussies.
  9. We shall see, I'm hoping I get the I told you so this time. Testify got me on the Roode face turn last week in the TNA forum.
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  10. Watching the game, for the virtual certantity, that David Lee, will be made a bitch.
  11. Griffin usually doesn't hurt is that bad. Usually it's CP3 tbh
  12. Just one posterizing Dunk will suffice to make sportscenter 40 times over
  13. I know it's a totally different sport, but he reminds me of a young Eric Lindros. Both just ran their way through people to score.
  14. Not much of a hockey guy, so I don't understand that reference. I've decided to watch this game instead of a movie because of this thread :smug:
  15. Blake already has ezeli in foul trouble. 2 within 1 min and 30
  16. Watch this if you have a couple of minutes then get back to me:
  17. I watched it, from the 2:27 that the clip was, I gathered that he was a one man wrecking crew. Talk about enforcer, :damn:
  18. That's the crazy part, he wasn't really a fighter. Before he got a bad concussion he was an MVP caliber player every year. The man could do it all (except keep his head up) :downer:
  19. Damn, that sucks
  20. Lol Ezeli is basically a 20 minute a night guy.

    Dubs rolling I see (just got home)
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