Blatant Racism in Cheektowaga NY - 3 June 2014

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    I don't know if you've watched the video or not.

    Video starts at 1:23

    Description: "This happened to me last Friday May 30th 2014. I'm more upset that it was done in front of her children. They will have hate and have no idea where it came from. "

    All I have to say is: disgusting human being. Use the N word in front of her kids? What the fuck is wrong with her?

    Your thought? What's your opinion of racism? Anything? Let me know.

    Facebook: Janelle Ambrosia is racist

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  2. She shouldn't have said what she said but the video is a little one sided. We don't know what he did. He claims he just started his car, she claims he was purposely trying to scare her kid. She's obviously an uneducated stripper who's first line of defence is low brow insults. I'm sure she's a representation of the minority rather than the majority. Imagine if there was a video of every time a black person called a white person cracker would the outrage be the same? Don't blow it out of proportion. She's a moron, just ignore her.
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  3. Hahahahahah damn that's Buffalo. It's messed up, lock her up somewhere, I felt like she was about to pull out a gun and start firin or something.
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  4. I just wanna see how he "scared" her kids. They scared of black people?

    EDIT: Ok now I see that it's cause he started his car. Lmao. See she's still living in the 50's.
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  5. I've seen such people all my life, I deal with such people who think they are better than me, and I've been in such a situation where a person called me a racist word. You can just smile, and ignore the person for their stupidity. So the lady calls him a n-word because the car starting scared her children too damn bad. She is acting like a child, in front of your children and it's sad her kids will pick up her bad behavior. Even from the little boy saying to the gentlemen in the car, my daddy is bigger than you c'mon. I was actually looking forward to seeing her husband come, because she would of been arrested, as well as her husband. Yes theirs people like this still the world, but strive to be better than them, like this gentlemen did which to be honest most people would of acted very differently.
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  6. Kinda remind me of Susie from Curb


    Anyway, I don't have a huge problem with this. Kind of what like Senhor said, people say mean shit when they're angry. So be it.

    Also, the guy is fucking annoying.
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  7. "What the fuck Larry!?!?!"
  8. loI i like how you defend her. I'm not surprised though.

    "people say mean shit when they're angry." - Haha, People making excuses for their bad behavior, She's one major mess, She's ignorant racist. deal with it.

    Btw, did you even watch the video?

    1. She is the one calling the cops, not him
    2. She accused him of wanting to press charges and he said that he had no interest in suing her.
    3. She's the one call him racist names, not him.
    4. She's the one threatened to assault and kill him.

    She's stupid, ignorant bitch. That's it. The worst part of all this? Those poor kids will be trying to mimic everything they see in their trashy, ignorant mother. What a shame.

    People like you deth saying that he should have dealt with it and not been offended, i would like to see you in his place. Im completely on this guy side, racism is disgusting and the fact that this woman had the nerve to call him a racist N word makes me mad. Hope she gets whats coming to her .

    It's pathetic that in this day and age people still feel it's ok to be so ignorant and intolerant of others.

    I'm done.
  9. Yeah, she's retarded. So what? Plenty of people are. There's someone doing something as retarded as this as we speak. Not saying he shouldn't be offended, but lets not blow this out of proportion.
    If she was beating on black children with whips then maybe I'd be as "outraged" as some of you, lol.
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  10. I think it's preposterous that people think that they should never be offended. I love freedom of speech. I might hate what you say, not agree with it, but you should have to right to say whatever the fuck you want , whenever the fuck you want. If he's offended or you're offended, too bad. Now if she physically harasses him, or damages his property that's over the line.
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  11. You realize this isn't Canada we all live in eh?
  12. The US used to be the bastion of free speech. You guys have gone soft as......wait for shit.
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  13. I represent the entire nation!

    Man they are fucked.
  14. I rather take a drunk Aids than the bullshit humans I see daily.

    That being said, she can live her life to what she sees fit. I don't care what she does or say,after all we have freedom of speech. Do I agree with what she said? Not at all, but this situation doesn't affect me and yes, I've been called a ***** before, just the other day. I tell them not to call me that and walk away. No stalking bullshit because I don't care for them.
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  15. Amen.

    It's not like we don't know that racism exists in the world. It's experienced every day by a multitude of people all over the planet. There are videos on Youtube of every race slinging derogatory terms at every other race. To give these people the attention they are seeking by acknowledging them is one of the way racism continues to spread. How many white closet racists are going to now see this video and think.. well damn if she can say that I'm gonna go down to the store and do the same thing. All because she got her 5 minutes of fame. It will all catch up to her eventually.. karma is a bitch. I feel for her children... no child should be exposed to those things, but that doesn't mean they will become racists... the majority of my family on my mother's side are backwoods, hick North Carolinians and I heard the N word so many times growing up that it lost it's sting very quickly... but I am the least racist person you will ever meet.

    My 2 pennies.
  16. It's only racism if the white man does it. :true:


    But seriously... I don't care what color you are, what sex you are... If you are having less class and decency than that of an animal, something wrong with that.
  17. In all seriousness though, that really is a true statement... so many race related crimes have happened that were perpetrated by blacks against whites and there is zero media attention but one hate crime perpetrated by whites against blacks and every news van in a 100 mile radius is there with cameras rolling.

    I do not condone any racist activities but it really is the truth even if we want to be blind to it.
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  18. I joke about it all the time but there is truth to that statement. The worst thing to be in America right now is a white male. lol
  19. It's actually the worst and best thing to be... because another truth is that white people, males in particular, do have many more opportunities for success handed to them in life. Much more so than any other race.

    It's an unfortunate truth.
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  20. If you're any other race and a white man is mad at you? Racist!
    If you're straight and a white male and says he doesn't believe in gay/lesbian marriage? HATES GAYS!
    If you're a white man and make a joke about women? DOESNT WANT WOMAN RIGHTS
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