BLFFL's last stand?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Trip in the Head, Jun 12, 2014.

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What should we do with BLFFL?

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  1. Ban Hammer

  2. Limit her

  3. Leave her be

  1. Ok guys. There has been a lot of talking, reporting, and overall complaining about BLFFL's posts and how she bumps them with no relevant additions to the discussion. Stuff like "Wrestler A will own Wreslter B" or what have you. This came down from the admin level. What we will do with her is now up to the community it seems. I will include a "limited" option in the poll as well. But vote honestly please, not just because everyone else is voting a certain way.

    Oh @BrockLesnarFanForLife - don't say we didn't inform you
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  2. I think people overreact and get way too butthurt. She's not insulting anyone or anything like that. People could just ignore her threads instead of bumping them. Limit her at most, and maybe tell her to stop spamming.

    inb4 called hipster

    inb4 neg rep

    inb4 insults
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  3. Do her threads get activity (neg or not)? Yep
    Is she annoying? Yep
    Does she make an awful amount of threads? Yep
    Should she get banned for the spam? No

    This adds up to...Limit
  4. I just say limit because all the people who flame her will get pissed if nothing is done
  5. Oh ho ho - All I hear is BAN BLFFL in threads but when it comes down to it no one wants her completely gone. Is that it?
  6. I want to point out that I never ever said ban BLFFL
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  7. I'll say ban.
    She barely contributes anything worthwhile- seldom does she even comment on threads made by other people. You can't even have a discussion, when you do ask a serious question she ignores it. What's the point in being on a forum if you don't interact with other posters?

    People can judge me all they want for saying this, I'm just being honest.
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  8. She should be limited... with the ability to make threads permanently taken away.

    The thing with BLFFL is that she doesn't want to be active outside of her own threads.. so whenever she visits the site she bumps up all her threads by posting the same thing she had already previously said in the thread.. as a result this clogs the section (particularly the RAW section) and moves relevant (newer) threads to the bottom of or entirely off of the page.

    If her ability to create threads is taken away then she will be forced to be more active in the other threads.
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  9. Not her too... :facepalm1:

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  10. Soli said to do it, who am I to question the emperor's powers? I have no secret apprentice to help me!

    Wait, what was I talking about?
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  11. :woo1:

    I understand him saying to do it this way. No one wants to deal with complaints over and over again over the same handful of people.
    Shit gets old! :testify:

  12. You calling me shit!?

    Ok, I'll stop. Back on topic people!
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  14. Haha, let "it" be. Thats not the poll option!
  15. She is annoying, but I voted let her be. People overreact too her way too much.
  16. Only said ban cause lolwhatever
  17. Um, did someone disable the Ignore feature and not bother to tell me? Because the last I checked, if you don't like a poster, then you're only one button click away from making both their posts as well as their threads disappear into forum oblivion. Correct me if I'm mistaken.

    I don't care for BLFFL and have made my own fair share of subtle/not-so-subtle jabs at her before like nearly everyone else has, but the truth is, there's no real cause to ban her. Not that I'm against people advocating it since she contributes nothing useful to the forum, but it's not like there aren't other ways of dealing with her. I think some here must enjoy her presence on the forum to some extent if they haven't slapped her on the Ignore list yet. TGMI is the same way. You wouldn't allow them to keep annoying you for this long, yet alone continue to bother responding to them so often if you didn't. Admit it.

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  18. This is a joke poll right?
    2 years and 2 months registerred and now this is being brought up? The mods/admins of the past & present have already set a LARGE precedent by letting her do it for so long.. why all the sudden get fed up about it? People were telling me to shut the fuck up about it 2-3 months ago and just deal with it because she has a place on this forum..

    @BrockLesnarFanForLife has my vote to stay w/ no limits.
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  19. My only gripe, honestly, is that she come off as having the intelligence of a mentally handicapped person.
    I say that as respectfully as possible without coming off as having an attached bias.
    She has a thought and, before filtering or running through some sort of systemic logic, she posts a thread.
    I used to think she was actually Crayo some other admin, (which would actually be really clever and impressive at the same time)
    ... but that's another can of worms

    I could understand being scatterbrained when you speak, but not when you are writing down a 'coherent' thought.
    My best guess is BLFFL is mentally isolated and thus isn't exposed to varying personalities on a consistent basis.

    My verdict: Do nothing. Ask her questions without prejudging, because of her perceived lack of intellect.
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