Evolution Bliss Out...Fox In...

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Grievous II, Oct 27, 2018.

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  1. My thoughts is that Evolution is looking like a shit PPV. I will still watch it for Becky/Charlotte tho
  2. :bliss:They'll come out eventually
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  3. This match was going to be terrible with Alexa. Now its going to be still terrible, but we will now see a glorious German lights suplex.
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    No...I'm trying to be good.

    Just because she is over pushed & under-skilled
    & has a legion of fanboys protecting her because
    she can talk & has a cute butt doesn't mean I'm
    going to say anything nasty this time.

    Oh wait...

    Isn't it a "Northern" Lights suplex?
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  5. You disappoint me B.Ball...

    But not too much.
  6. This could've been a great match if Fox was booked right instead of as a joke and jobber. Her crazy gimmick amd Noam Dar people cared about her. I mean yes Bliss is hot but give someone else a chance
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  7. And that's what is important...

    Give someone else a chance.

    I actually think Foxy is awesome...she has a lot of character
    and is fun to watch...for the most part. I mean I've seen worse
    women wrestlers.

    The "Crazy" gimmick, her cute "love affair" with Tom Phillips,
    the Cedric Alexander/Noam Dar love triangle...they should
    use Foxy more...she's fun.
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  8. Breaks my heart I love Bliss, great gimmick solid in the ring. But you can't build a division around one person. Heavyweight, Tag, Mid, Cruiserwait :hogan:
    or Women's Like their Goku in Dragonball Super. Then when injuries happen oh we have no stars
  9. She really isn't man...well...at least not to my eyes.

    She's awkward as all hell.
  10. Depends who she's in the ring with. I loved her matches on Smackdown I really think they should've kept her on SD. No disrespect but I remember when Charlie Flair botched a spot at Survivor Series lol
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  11. Her matches with Becky were her best...I agree with that...
    but they still weren't really anything to write home about.

    Every performer "botches" at one point or another.

    Charlotte doesn't get a free pass from me man...
    I may "love" the lady...but she isn't perfect. I may
    be a fanboy but I'm not "blind" to the obvious.

    Hell...I thought the triple threat match at SummerSlam
    was fairly rough...and not just because of Carmella.
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    It was funny Bliss pinned her had a 3 count and Charlotte took too long to get the ropes so the ref was awkward. Bliss covered by yelling at the ref for countimg slow. I loved the La Luchadora storyline with Mickie James reveal. Just sucks how misused she is. Even TNA respected her better. I still remember her matches with Tara those two almost killed me in the crowd. Although that's not a bad way to go lol
  13. Okay...I have to be honest & say I don't remember that.

    All I remember from that match was Nia tapping out
    to Becky, Charlotte kicking Alexa in the face & pinning
    her & Charlotte beating the piss out of Bayley after the

    Okay...that's fair.
  14. Bliss moving to RAW and destroying the entire division until Ronda came and beat her out of the title scene was a BIG mistake.
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  15. Wasn't that 2016? I don't blame you WWE seemed pretty exciting that year
  16. Alexa wasn't around at that time. Still in NXT. She got the call up when the brand split occurred later in the year
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  17. Yeah good times heel Bliss is pretty cool. Face Bliss in NXT was weird except a guy chanted Cookie Crisp lol
  18. Yep...

    They basically fed the entire division to a woman with
    hardly any ring skills...and then fed her to Ronda.

    So in reality none of the other women on RAW are a
    threat anymore...because if you put Alexa over all of them...
    then what chance do they have against Ronda Rousey?

    Its like they realized this after SummerSlam and went:

    "Oh shit...having Ronda defeat Alexa in four minutes threw
    the entire division under a bus. We better have Alexa last
    10+ minutes in the rematch. That will fix it!"

    And of course all it did was make the entire situation worse
    & made Ronda look...well...kind of lame.

    The only women on the roster Alexa hasn't pinned/submitted are
    Ronda, Charlotte & Asuka...but she does have "some kind" of victory
    over most of the women on the roster thanks to special, multi-women
    matches like MitB & Elimination Chamber.

    I just don't understand how the WWE can book someone so small &
    non-threatening as such a dominant force.

    Oh right...

    She has mic skills.

    Sorry...I forgot that makes everything okay.

    Anyway...what's the bet they have Alexa show up & cost Trish & Lita
    the match anyway...because Alexa HAS to go over...even when she's
    defeated or not even in a match.
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  19. Bliss is a great coward heel. My problem was when she turned Bayley into a female Zack Ryder