News Blizzard messing with RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jan 26, 2015.

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  2. What if RAW gets cancelled? Well, this is interesting.
  3. I heard last night that Philly was gettin bad weather too. Depending on when they got outta Philly, they should be ight.
  4. inb4nobodyshowsuptoRaw

    just what they need after last night's audience shitting on their show. A mostly empty arena tonight!
  5. Isn't the show already on by 9pm?
  6. Yes but people leave at 11, it was just announced that RAW was canceled. Which is kind of good for me because if people get their money back I'll get a chance to get a good seat if they do the show here next week.
  7. Got a link? all i find are ones saying it 'should' be cancelled.
  8. Wow. When was the last time RAW was cancelled?
  9. The governor of the state has a ban on travel this evening. I doubt they even let WWE have the event if they wanted to. Too dangerous to have that many people leaving a place at once time right as the storm gets bad
  10. Locals are getting text's saying its canceled.
  11. ^ You're right. No RAW tonight I think.

    - Tonight's WWE RAW taping from Hartford, Connecticut will not be taking place.

    WWE crews are currently at the XL Center in Hartford packing up their production trucks. A reader who works across the street was told that the taping is canceled.

    PWInsider reports that there will be a RAW broadcast tonight but we're not sure what it will consist of.

    Stay tuned for updates.
  12. Arena's site claims Raw will take place.
  13. Maybe they'll just let Reigns cut a 3 hour promo live via satellite about how we should believe that he is the Rock's cousin. that will get him over
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  14. Totally agreed, i was surprised they didn't announce it earlier lol. The whole XL center saying it's still on was confusing for sure.
  15. Would be down for an empty arena show tbh.
  16. Vince probably wishes they had done the Rumble in an empty arena after last night
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  17. Their best bet is to pack up and go 45 minutes up to Boston and have RAW at TD Garden and the plus side about that is they don't have to pack up after because Smackdown and Main Event are the next day.
  18. Now I'm hearing WWE doesn't give a shit about the mayor of Hartford and want to hold the event anyway.

    who knows
  19. I'm hearing that WWE will make an announcement shortly about it. But in all honesty, who was actually going to watch RAW anyway? I just wanted to see the crowds reaction to Reigns and that's it.
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