Blog has it spot on about Jericho.

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    Agree with everything this man said. First 10 mins I was trolled, then I realized how genius this comeback was.
  2. Yeah I am the same. I watched it, thought it was a normal heel to nice return. Then you could see in him smile a sort of smug laugh.
  3. Exactly, that backstage interview further pushed it. It's a brand new gimmick, something I've not seen before. He's literally a troll...
  4. Completely agree, I was the same. Annoyed at first, then absolutely loved it. His smile is awesome too.

    Without sounding too homo, has Jericho gotten into really good shape recently? Before he left he was quite podgy, now he's pretty cut.
  5. He did look like he's cut some weight especially around his stomach. No need to not sound homo we all share the hobby of watching grown men with fake tan and baby oil roll around in trunks.
  6. RE: Blog has it spot on about Jericho.

    Lmao fair enough. It's his pecks too, they're not so dangly now if that makes sense. Probably will make his wrestling even better, Punk vs Jericho is going to be one hell of a match.
  7. lmao seabs :emoji_wink:.
  8. It's something different which makes it interesting to watch.