Chicken McDouble

The Architect
*The Precision crowd seem to be enjoying their Saturday Night, and then Anarchy Inc's music hits and spoils the fun.*

*After 15 seconds of the song, Will, Chris and Antonio all make their way out from the curtain onto the ramp. They seem to be in a happy mood, dancing to the tune of 'Rising Up'. After pulling out a few moves, all 3 climb into the ring, with Will's Undisputed Championship wrapped firmly around his waist. Chris requests a microphone and hands it over to Will who begins to speak.*

Will: You all know what happened last week.... I beat Andersen Vega.... and Joseph Diamond! In a 1 hour match aswell! This shows how good of a champion I am... I am a fighting champion, and I will not go down easily! Ryan, throw everything you've got at me... Blake, Gates, Styles, Blade... I'll take them all on and I'll beat them 1, 2, 3! So... what do you to challenge me... what do you put infront of me... what roadblock have you chosen to put a stop to me! Joseph Diamond. The current Intercontinental Champion... and most important of all... I man that I beat last week! Oh... I pinned Andersen, the "undefeated streak" continues... that's bullshit and you know it is Diamond.

*The fans don't know whether to boo or cheer, both men are equally hated as each other. The crowd boo anyway, as Chris and Tony perform sweeping gestures, telling the crowd to calm down and go away.*

Will: I've already proved I can beat you Joe.... I don't need to do it again... there's no point, your silly little streak is over and it was ME, who broke it! Call me a Pussy... do it, I dare you... it's pointless, I beat him last week and have absolutely nothing to prove! Ryan and Robert Blake can throw anyone and anything at me... and I will conquer it. At Wrestle Dynasty, I will walk out STILL.... your UNDISPUTED CHAAAAAAAMPIOOOOOOON!

*The crowd boo very loudly again and chants of "Will is a Pussy!" get louder and louder, Will laughs it off and pretends to command the crowd, like his very own Orchestra. Chris and Antonio are clapping, and even clapping to the tune of the song.*

Will: Hahaha! You people are hilarious! Where do you come up with this stuff?! I'm a pussy am I? I'm not, I'm the Undisputed Champion... you are all puppets that fall under the spell of Rhys Haze. You hate me and like him, because apparently he is somewhat better than me, he was the one who didn't push the ladder at Money in the Bank and made me win the contract.... therefore it is his fault that I am standing here Undisputed Champion! You only have yourself to blame Rhys... only yourself.

Will: So am I going to fight Joseph Diamond tonight....nope! I've been making a few phone calls to a few people I know... and one in particular expressed his desire to come back to this company for one more match.... he wants to cause pain, he wants to draw blood! Ladies and Gentleman... The true reincarnation of the devil himself... VICTOR SOKOLOV!

*The unknown music to fans plays on the titantron, and after 16 seconds Victor walks out slowly from behind the curtain, some "Holy Shit!" chants can be heared over the mass amount of boos. Sokolov's face has no expression, as the former Precision superstar makes his way to the ring, climbing in and grabbing the mic off of Will.*

Victor: I came back... to do one thing... cause pain. Diamond.. you say you have an undefeated streak... so did I. It took a whole hour for Haze to put me away. Your nothing... I will draw blood from your head... and I will enjoy it. Diamonds are not forever... Diamond is finished. The only thing that will be visible on that stupid face of yours... is blood. This is my first match back... and possibly my only. I came back to finally shut Diamond up... and then I will take my leave again... and go back to the Independent Scene. Sokolov is here, beware.

*Victor drops the mic and walks back through the curtain, his words have even surprised Will Neilson as Anarchy Inc take their leave.*

This is for one match only BTW, don't worry I'm not changing characters again. But as I can't double book on Wrestle Dynasty I thought I'd bring him back for one match now.



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