Blood Feud: Wrestler tests positive for Hepatitis C before WWE debut! Video

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  1. Very sad when I watch this video though never heard of this Devon Nicholson wrestler very sad for this guy to Hepatitis C.​

  2. The bad sides of wrestling I guess.
  3. Very sad. Watched this before, can't again.
  4. What if he win the lawsit against WWE though?He would get his contract right?Would he comeback to wrestle then?
  5. If he won the lawsuit he'd get money. I don't think they can force WWE to hire him, but it's dangerous if he has Hep C. Although I'm not sure if Abdullah has the disease... I mean, if he did, wouldn't there be lots of other wrestlers with Hep C these days? The Butcher's been wrestling with this character since 1961 and has probably bladed in every match since then.
  6. If he win the lawsuit he does get the contract rights b/c that what he suiting for.He has offer it to him and that itspient it b/c of the blood thing so it wins he could get contract back and start wrestling for the WWE! But idk how WWE would use him since bad triage to there mouth.
  7. No court of law would force a company to let a man with Hep. C wrestle. It is a big risk to not only himself but everyone he would work with. In this kind of situation he would have been given cash compensation and WWE would probably have to pay for his medication. Possibly give him some other job within the organization but not wrestle. Too big a risk
  8. Well, even if he got the contract, I don't think WWE would have him wrestle. I think they'd pay him to sit around at home probably. He's being selfish by doing that, even if WWE does have a no-blood policy accidents can happen. Only scenario I could see happening, him having a contract but not working.
  9. He started treatment which includes the new Hep C medication Incivec. If he win he need to be a wrestler b/c that what contract was for.
  10. That would half to b/c that what the contract was for.
  11. They would only need to compensate him, not hire him.
  12. No court would allow it. They would come to an agreement that would allow him another job. There is no full cure for Hep. C, just treatments to keep it in check. He will have it until he dies.
  13. He can wrestler with it the count do that! If win he can b/c of the term of the contract.
  14. He can physically wrestle with it yes but no court will allow it. It is a major health risk not only to himself but everyone he works with. Hep. C results in one outcome, death. Even the smallest drop of blood can result in it spreading. To make the guy wrestle 5-6 times a week for the WWE would greatly increase the risk not only for him but every other wrestler in the WWE. Neither the WWE or a court would allow that. The court would instead rule for him to get financial compensation instead (He gets a couple of millions) or another form of job with the WWE. They would easily rule the part about him wrestling in the contract void due to circumstance.
  15. Good news!

    On October 15th 2012 Nicholson began his second Hepatitis C treatment which includes the new Hep C medication Incivec (Telaprivir). If the treatment is successful he will have a sustained viral response and be cured of Hepatitis C.
  16. Just read that it wasn't curable. Then that. Nice.
  17. Great news for the dude and all others who suffer from Hep. C. Always thought it would be one of those uncureables.
  18. So he will be able to wrestler then for WWE if he the lawsuit then?
  19. Considering this is a couple of years ago I think this case is already settled and he got a large amount of money as compensation so he can live comfortably. Also there is no guarantee that the treatment will work. It is more likely that it wont so I don't think we will be seeing this guy wrestle for the E.

    Was there even a lawsuit by the way? In no way is it WWE's fault that Devon contracted Hep. C, rather Abdullah the Butcher. Devon's Wiki also states that he works fairly well as an actor on Canadian TV now so I think he is pretty well off and happy considering.
  20. That said he suit WWE for the contract so yet it have been but this video was made in 2011 so it may not be over yet!
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