Blood in the WWE.

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    Quite possibly one the most iconic images in pro wrestling history, Stone Cold Steve Austin refuses to tap out in the sharpshooter his face a crimson mask. It's widely regarded as the image which began the Attitude Era.

    Quotes like this from @[Randy Savage]
    Made me think about creating this thread. What's your opinion on blood in the WWE?

    Mine is that it can be used as a great storytelling tool, providing it's not abused. After all the effect is weakened if every week someone's face is a bloody mess, doesn't it? I also don't believe the possible health side effects should be forced upon the wrestlers. They have a tough enough job as it is, without being put in the risk of infections. In summary I'm a fan of blood being used rarely as it can help build a character but not if it happens just for the sake of having blood.

    What does everyone else think?
  2. I was never the biggest fan since it's so blatantly fake (meaning it's always a tiny cut on forehead) but it can be used to really progress story-line and add emotion into a match. It was horribly overused in the passed and it's equally overused in TNA. It should be a once in a blue moon thing in heated intense rivalries, so yeah I'd want it back but hardly ever would someone bleed intentionally on RAW or in a first time feud match.
  3. I love it so much.
    Remember when Foley 'busted' Orton's head 'wide open' at Backlash?
    That was some emotion to it..
  4. They need them in Hell in a Cell matches I think. It makes the match seem a lot more intimidating if it's an absolute brawl. Although the Hell in a Cell match has been ruined by that stupid gimmick pay-per-view.. still will avoid going of topic.
  5. Yeah like rubbing faces on the steel.. :emoji_wink:
  6. "Booker T " She looking to capture that female women's Diva championship!""

    Such a quality Booker T quote there Albin.

    As for blood, I'd just like it to occur in real personal feuds. It helps separate the intense personal ones from the "feuds that have to happen".
  7. I'm not a blood hound but it has it's place in wrestling. WWE needs to find a happy medium between when every other match was a blood bath for a long stretch during the late 90s and into the 2000s and the retarded bloodless sanctions they have in place now. They had that proper balance back in '97 and it was why the image of Stone Cold bleeding in that match was able to be as powerful as it was. That being said, don't expect it until they commit to going back to a real wrestling show and not this kiddie BS we see now, which probably will coincide with dumb bitch Linda McMahon finally giving up on her stupid ass political career.

    I fully expect HHH/Taker's HIAC match to have blood, though.
  8. Lol I know. Desperate to find a video of it somewhere!
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't though, would you?
  10. Not happening. It will be a traumatic experience for the kids. :silva:

    I already was expecting it at TLC with Nash and HHH. Did not happen..
    I'm afraid WWE does not have to buy stitches for a while..
  11. Surprised? Certainly not. But I think there is a good chance one of them bleeds. I just can't see these two putting on the typical PG Era HIAC match, ya know? I think they are taking HIAC back to it's roots
  12. I would love to see it, but you know how Vince is, right?
  13. If anyone can blade it's the most respected man in the locker room and the son in law. They did it last year didn't they? Sure they got fines but they did it or was that the chair shot? Either way they broke a big no no to everyone else.
  14. There was no blood last year bro..
  15. With or without Vince's permission I think they will do it.
  16. I agree that it should only be used once in a while. Otherwise, it loses it's effect. There was a time some years ago (before the PG era began) were it seemed like people were getting busted open all the time in the main events. Maybe it's just me. But because of it's overuse in the past, I don't miss it at the moment.
  17. It being at Wrestlemania and HHH being involved you're probably right - since he does get special treatment. I might be thinking too deep here but would Undertaker bleeding sort of ruin the "dead man" gimmick? I can see the blood being used to further HHH's ego as making Undertaker look more human.
  18. Hence why I mentioned the chair shot also. They broke of the big rules and I couldn't remember if it was blood or the chair shot to the head. I don't want to watch that crapfest again to see.
  19. Nah, it's happened before [​IMG]

    I'm not sure which one of them I think will bleed, but I just have a feeling one of them will.
  20. HHH took 1 on the back,
    Taker received a DDT on a chair, 6 on the back.

    HHH had a little bit of blood on his nose, but that must have been an accident.
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