Kayfabe Blood Ties and Championship Dreams (A Film Style Promo)

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  1. *The video a starts on the roads under a rainy night sky in a Japanese looking city and the camera pans down and start following a Toyota AE86 and “Noizy Tribe” by M.O.V.E. starts to play , The car is speeding around and the camera zooms into the inside of the car it only shows the lower half of the faces of the two inside, In the back of the car, is a rain-soaked poster of Exodus: Warriors Way and only the Fatal 4 Way Ladder Match can be seen on the poster.
    The car drifts into a back alleyway as the car stops so does the music track as both doors open out steps Chris Young steps out of one side wearing red high top canvas shoes, black jeans and shirt and a black jacket akin to the style of the protagonist from Assassin's Creed III and alongside him is Lilith Young who is dressed in a similar style to Chris.
    The two walk over to a metal door and with a key unlock and opens the door and enter to a long hallway lit by a row hanging light bulbs and as the two walk down and then come up to an another door and as they enter “Walk” by Pantera starts to play and the camera pans to show an underground wrestling club and the camera starts to focus on a match going on with a young looking woman and a masked wrestler.
    Chris and Lilith see a stack of Exodus: Warriors Way posters on a table, Chris takes one and walks into a side office,Lilith walks off to watch more matches and Chris sits and takes a seat and starts to think to himself.*

    Chris(inner thoughts)
    Why am I here? In some rat hole, wrestling club and I are shocked that Ash is still here and running the place, Dammit now not the time for regret with family’ I came here to get an edge on my opponents, Ellis Klein,Azrael and the champ himself Luis Alvarado.
    That bastard got over me before not this time and I hope coming here helps me.
    I’m the amazing one and I beat the great H, He’s not amazing anymore after I crushed his face in with my boot..I still can’t get the face paint off my boots.
    I Will no matter what proves why I’m Amazing my warrior’s will that the dojo beaten into me will be the catalyst of my victory or at least I hope.

    *The sound of the door open and Chris turns around as the camera stays on him.*

    Chris: Ash, Long time no see sis.
    *The camera pans to show the woman from before is Ashley Young now sporting a bit of blood on her arm, Chris’ sister and head of the underground wrestling club.
    She walks around Chris and takes a seat across from Chris.*

    Ash: Brother Chris, I knew you’ll arrive here someday, What do need here in The Shrine?

    Chris: Look, Ash, I need some help.
    I have a match in a few days and I need info and training and I can’t go back to the dojo.
    I need to be more dangerous and I remembered this place “The Wrestling Shrine”.
    But, First I must ask what do you know about these three men.

    *Chris Slams down the poster for the Fatal 4 Way Ladder Match and passes it to Ashley, She scans the poster with her eyes edge to edge and she smiles as she tosses the poster in the bin.*

    : Ok first we have Mason Foster or that’s what he was used to be until Robert Blake happened seemed like a nice guy, We would have eaten him up around here, he should be no problem for you Chris after being here,
    And that Robert guy sounds like you back in the day it was so funny when you…

    Chris: ASH!...We don’t talk about them anymore that segment almost ruined my run,’’
    Now can we move on to Ellis Klein?

    Ash: He I have almost nothing on him, But he was close with Ty Creed and all I have is some training footage for him and I think Ellis Klein is the wild card in this match.
    Watch out for him Chris, Who knows what he could pull out of his arse.

    Chris: Ok, Now the champion.
    Ash: Oh Yes, Mr. Luis Alvarado.
    Chris, Come with me.

    *Ashley Stands up and takes a key from under the desk and unlocks a door that was out of sight and the two enter a long hallway with pictures of The Amazing H,Robert Blake,Lukey,Des Pierson and Luis Alvarado and under each is a keyhole.
    Ashley and Chris stop at Luis Alvarado’s picture.*

    Chris: What, No huge pic for big bro and his wife?
    Ash: Don’t act so full of yourself.

    *As She turns the key a drawer pops out and a Blu-Ray case is inside and a black and purple folder, She takes both and they head back to the office.
    As the two return, Ashley tosses the disc into a player and all of Luis Alvarado’s matches start to play.*

    Chris: Holly you have all of this?
    Ash: I have my ways.
    Chris: Ok, So how do i beat the piss out of him and get my revenge.
    This guy as lucked out of everything and I can’t wait till I crush his skull in.
    Amazing or not this guy is the main reason I came here Ash, I want to be able to end his dreams and make sure he never wins again.
    Ash: You can’t, This guy one on one is almost a god, But someone like you bro can do it and beat that guy in a inch of his life and take that belt and bring it home so we can buy drinks for everyone in this place after you win.

    *Chris leans back and sighs.*

    Chris: It will not be easy, But someone as amazing as me with the support of you and Lilith, That jumping bean will lose his belt if he likes it or not, I’m the future, Everything I have in the last seven years, I have earned. I was handed nothing. I busted my ass and I sacrificed for this business!
    If these guys think I’m going to go easy after coming here, I swear, You're gonna find out real quick I'm not every other independent guy that walked in from some trash fed that one heard of, I’m the amazing one Chris Young and I’m just damn good.
    Ash: Hell yea!, That’s the Chris I know now get your gear out of that weeb wagan you drive and get ready for your match.
    Chris: Hey don’t dis the eight-six, It’s my prized racing car and fine let me get the smoke machines as well, thanks Ash for the help.

    *the two hug and Chris leaves and walks down a hallway and as he is he starts to think to himself again.*

    Chris(inner thoughts) : Why did I come here?, To be the best and no one will stop me from that.
    Amazing is what I am and great is what I will be,
    Seven years of pain,scars and broken bones, I Know it all and I’ve lived it all and now I’m in for the fight of my life and I’m not going in alone this time, I will walk in a man, But I will walk out a warrior and a champion and now one can break this dream and no one can stop Chris Young.
    I guess I'm just a natural warrior forced to fight and at Warrior's Way I’ll fight till my final breath, Till my soul is gone and my blood leaves me in battle, I will make them remember my name .
    Ellis Klein,Azrael and Luis Alvarado, Are about to enter my lion's den and face someone who is just…..plain…..Amazing.
    Well time for the fight.

    *After the match Chris grabs a microphone and turns to a guy holding a camera at ringside.*

    Chris: Hey You! Get this on camera, Hey Ellis Klein,Azrael and Luis Alvarado, I know you losers will see this and listen good I’m going to be the best and I’m going to kick all of your arses all over the arena and climb that ladder reach up to the sky and pull down that golden dream of a championship and bring it home to my kingdom.
    So when I win my arm is raised this Kid who made a name for himself will be remembered as one of the most amazing champions of all time and that is a fact, Deal with it!

    *The video fades out and a AD for Exodus: Warriors Way starts to play*

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