Blue Mountain State Discussion (BMS ANNOUNCEMENT)

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Apr 9, 2014.

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  1. Did anyone watch this show a few years back during its original run? Or have you seen it at all on any of the big streaming apps (ie: Hulu, Netflix, Crackle) It's a pretty great show, it's about a college football team (actual football is rarely shown) and the life when they're not playing football or practicing.. Mainly consisting of shenanigans involving booze, drugs and women but it's probably one of the funnier shows that have been on in the past few years, they didn't get picked up for a 4th season and after about like a year and half of fans moaning and tweeting a lot that they REALLY want a 4th season so they can end the series on a better note than how the 3rd season ended.


    Well on Kimmel show recently Alan Ritchson (Thad Castle) showed up as his Thad character and made an announcement talking about an upcoming Kickstarter Fund being opened on Apr. 15th to raise money for a new BMS Movie. There have been whispers how it's going to address what happens with the team after their time at the university is done; who get's drafted to the NFL, who doesn't and all the same people who were behind the series at Spike would be around for the movie.


    Chris Romano aka Romanski and Former Heisman Winner Ed Mariano aka Coach Marty Daniels have come out since Alan's (Thad's) announcement on the Kimmel show and confirmed that indeed a BMS Movie is in the works to close out the series, they really want to give the fan's a movie they are just strapped for cash it seems. I've been hearing Alan Ritchson is going to throw in a good amount of his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie (Voice of Raphael) and Catching Fire (Hunger Games sequel) money to the fund.

    Personally I plan on throwing in like at least $20 I really would like to see it get made, shit if commission is nice this month I'll throw in $50.

    Anyways I'm pretty excited about the news and as for the show itself I enjoy it a lot and totally recommend it to people looking for good comedies to watch.
  2. So excited for this
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  3. yeah lol I have watched Jimmy Kimmel maybe twice in my lifetime prior to this show on Monday night and like I just so happened to watch it and saw this, it was such a shock.

    I'll post more info after the fund gets opened on the 15th.
  4. I hope the entire cast are back, but fuck the black guy from Smallville who left.
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  5. Sam Jones III yeah dude, I feel that man lol I really liked his character idk why he bailed, Radon is different because they HAD to figure out a way to get Moran to start eventually.
  6. Moran is the best character by far and I forgot all about Radon tbh. You ever watched Friday Night Lights?
  7. Love that show
  8. I like Thad and then Moran and hmm.. Harmon definitely is up there too!
    I've seen a few episodes of FNL; it's on Netflix and it's been on my instant queue for awhile now I just never have the time to get around to it. It was okay, definitely watchable from the episodes I've seen.
  9. Is it similar to BMS? I love Harmon so much
  10. More football, more drama, less comedy (still somewhat there though I suppose).
  11. The Kickstarter for the BMS Movie was officially successful!!!!

    I kicked in a total of $45 by the end of the 27th day :emoji_slight_smile:
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