#Bluetista - Interesting Theory

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Just Kevin, Jun 2, 2014.

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  1. Batista is upset...real upset.

    During last night's WWE Payback event the term "#Bluetista" was trending on Twitter and even mentioned by the announcers mocking his blue ring attire.

    Today he tweeted:

  2. This is my theory... he wore blue to show his separation from Evolution. I see no other reason why you would completely mismatch from your partners. I noticed and was actually laughing at it myself as he did look ridiculous.
  3. Gotta love Dave, always tells the truth.
  4. He really does make some poor choices, that entire ensemble being his poorest choice yet.
  5. nah he wore skinny jeans into the ring on his return.

    I don't think it looks that bad honestly. [​IMG]
  6. If he had been in a singles match it would not have looked bad... but look at this... something doesn't belong..
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  7. Nah, it's part of his gimmick. And I love it. I mean, who's enough of an idiot to go out there with a blue attire like that? The answer is Batista, and he's awesome at it.
  8. lol Looked so out of place wearing that. He deserves to be mocked.
  9. He raises a valid point though, why focus on a ring attire instead of the damn match? It's being plain smarky.
  10. I can enjoy a match and criticize outfits etc. at the same time- Multi-tasking.
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  11. https://twitter.com/BradWardFGN/status/473593331792887808

    I just wanted to post that tweet because I feel maybe that's why or some shit.

    But, I didn't care for his attire but the fact that he hasn't really won a match since he's been back other than the Del Rio feud. He's been doing nothing but put people over. They wouldn't even let him go over Dolph Ziggler cleanly. I refuse to agree that Batista wouldn't face Bryan because of putting him over but yeah... BATISTA IS PUTTING EVERYONE OVER. I better see him with a good 2 month or longer World Title run when he comes back or after 'Mania 31.
  12. Batista's butt hurt is palpable, be it in character or not idk.
  13. The fact that Bluetista was high trending made me cringe a little.
    I'm still going to think he looks like shit- I just don't feel the need to tweet about him. And yeah, angle or not, I do see his point.
  14. Thought the Blue Meanie started working out or something. I mean, it's like if you put 6 sticks together, 5 of them normal looking and then another one bright blue. Obviously people are going to say something about it, regardless a lot of the people are also saying the match was great, so it's not like Bluetista was the only center of attention.
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  15. I actually remembered something earlier that was once mentioned by Honky Tonk Man in his 2007 Youshoot. Either it's an odd coincidence or it's some sort of weird traditional or joke done by backstage officials, but whenever certain people are set to leave the company soon, they repackage them with baby blue tights. Greg Valentine, Don Muraco and Dino Bravo were all fitted with blue tights just right before their departure with the company. Sounds about what they did with Batista as well, and was actually probably intended as a joke since people backstage have supposedly been mocking him for his fashion choices since being coming back.
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  16. It matched Bo Dallas' balls.
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  17. Bluetista is a skinny jeans sellout. lol

    It's a good thing he's going away, I hope he stays gone.
  18. He did pin DZ on SD in a No DQ match or something like that.

    Damn, I remember that. Sounds like HTM was right after all. :lol1:
  19. As if he thought people wouldn't notice and/or comment. It was the first damn thing I saw when he came out. And my first comment in the LD thread when Evolution came out was "Bluetista?". I did chuckle when I saw it was trending during the PPV. I thought it was funny, but it didn't detract from the match all that much IMO.
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