Blurred Lines: A song so bad that it's good?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Varus, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. Everytime this song comes on I get the slightest urge to just dance. I mean, I know the song is bad but deep down I just believe that it's so damn good. Does anyone else have this problem? Also this song is so good that it managed to have a nudity version on YT, nudity never gets on YT but this song managed to to that!!!
  2. My comment was in reply to that ^

    And there's plenty of nude on Youtube. The rule is that there's no porn allowed, not nudes. If the nudes can pass off as "art" or "health" related videos, then they're acceptable.

    And if you like Rob Thicke so much, then why did you say he's shitty? I like the song, but I usually like pop culture songs, even if they're "stupid". I like everything, really.
  3. When did I say he was shitty? I just now found out about him through this song (which is probably a bad thing)
  4. Umm... the title "a song so bad that it's good?" and
    If you like a song and you think it's good then say it's good, lol...
  5. But if you make a song thats so bad that it's good then doesn't that mean you're good? idk man it's way too late right now to typin.

  6. /thread
  7. yes. the explict version video is part of my build up for masturbation. :sohardcore:
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