Bo Burnham is a creative genius

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  1. I love this guy.
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  2. I liked him 5 years ago. He loses his appeal the more he grows up, so he should try to stop that.
  3. Whatever D'Z, he's funny as shit IMO. I love that he incorporates music into his comedy.
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  4. D'Z*
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  5. Fixed now :stfu:
  6. Let's face it Bo peaked here:

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  7. Can't believe Dolph even hipsters against ageing.

    Bo is the shit.
  8. you can't dispute what I've said
  9. I can't believe it either
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  10. you can both suck each other off while watching this hour YouTube special for all I care.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. For a second I thought he wasn't going to open with a gay joke just because he was in San Fransisco but he fell into the trap. such disappointing. much cliche
  13. Maturity does tend to kill a lot of entertainers' (or even some musicians') work.
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  14. shut up filthy hipster!

    Of course it does. Remember Max Keeble's big move? Of course you do. Heard anything from Max Keeble lately? Of course not.
  15. Yeah that list of musicians is fucking loooooong. Maturity, pffff. Fuck that shit.
  16. Saw that show months ago (someone posted one of his performances on youtube with really good quality), not really good enough to rewatch it in its entirety. Honestly, I do agree that Bo Burnham has generally gotten worse over the years but I still think he puts out great content within his shows. For example, my favorite song from Bo comes from this show . . .

    So yeah, I'm still a fan of Bo. None of my top three Burnham tracks come from his Youtube era but most of my favorites are all the ones where he injects more meaning into it than just a reliance on jokes (NERDS, Art is Dead & Rant [which is easily his second best in my opinion]). Based purely on the jokes, his Youtube era is probably the best. Words, Words, Words had a lot of good stuff too, what. is easily his worst. I think my biggest problem with it is that I've heard a few of those songs prior on youtube before he finalized them for the show and all the demos were much better than the versions that appeared there in my opinion. There are other issues with it but still, I'm glad I watched it. Like I said, he still puts out great content, just had to sit through some poor material to get to it.
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