Bo Dallas as NXT champ.

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Roi, Jun 18, 2013.

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  1. Bo Dallas.

    So I'm here, walking home, just finished an exam, and for some odd reason, I started thinking about how awesome will bo Dallas a champ. Many people have said Rio vs Ziggler was awesome . Double turn blah blah
    But Dallas? He's a heel who think everyone loves him. It's like Cena but cena has te supported of the children.
    While Dallas has.. Nothing but himself.
    Let me state some points. This is why I Think Dallas will be gold.

    • the crowd is awesome. A smark crowd, small crowd, really loud, and hates Dallas. This means he will have tons of heat when he says" I did this for you"
    • He has beat BigE a guy who's really really over, and Bo has broke the damn streak.
    • Bo Dallas has no charisma, mic skills and he's average inside a ring. This will help him gaining more heat since he's dealing with a smark crowd.

    He should have a feud with Neville, who's really over as well, Bo Dallas should neve follow the heel pattern. He should keep saying that he's in love with he crowd, keep smiling, saying Neville is awesome, and he will give everything he has to keep the championship.
    Dallas is like Cena in Chicago acting like a super face, he will get more heat than anyone else.
    I know he suck but his turn has been so damn well done and He can be so irritating that he will be awesome.
    Anyways, I'm about to reach my house so...
    Am I the only one who think Dallas will be so damn entertaining as champ?
    Do you like how his turn has been done and his current gimmick?

    Hope I'm not the only one :haha:
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  2. Nope, you're not the only one. I've stated several times that the angle is genius. :dawg:

    Do you know what happens on NXT this week? I forgot, lol.
  3. Actually when they first started to turn him heel (that segment with Neville) I saw this was going in a good direction. It was a stroke of genius and his match vs Big E proved it, it'll be great to watch. They managed to make Bo Dallas great to watch, imagine that.
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  4. people need to start Bo-leaving.
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  6. [​IMG]
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