Bo Dallas coming to Raw and who the fuck is Adam Rose?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Apr 9, 2014.

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  1. So on Raw they show two clips one of Bo Dallas and another of Adam Rose here are my thoughts
    Bo Dallas coming to Raw OMG no just no one Rotunda brother is enough (Bray Wyatt) and now WWE are gonna put his brother on the main roster as well? are you fucking serious

    Who the hell is Adam Rose? ive never seen him on NXT. And what the hell is that gimmick partying on a bus? how is he gonna do that in an arena?

    This is a serious thread so dont spam it
  2. Watch NXT Adam Rose has a party in the arena every week.

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  3. With how they do things on Raw I can gurantee they wont have time to do that entrance for him every week it will get cut after he debuts
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  4. Dont see how its an issue really.

    Godfathers had his ho train
    Shield come through the crowd
    Taker had his entrance

    Plenty of guys have had unique entrances. Its just a bunch of ppl dancing down to the ring its not pyro or anything costly.
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  5. Bo Dallas should come up, he has just what the Mid-Card needs. Adam Rose imo needs to stay on NXT a bit, Kruger needs to brush up on his ring skills, noticed a decline in the ring work since the gimmick change.
  6. And Wyatt does the "we're here..." thing.
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  7. Best entrance in WWE to date
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  8. Lol as if I missed that was just throwing random entrances out off the top of my head. DAMN.
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  9. This is true.
  10. WWE needs Bo Dallas.

    Be a Bo-Liver, BLFFL.


    And Adam Rose used to be known as Leo Kruger. This is his new gimmick and it's over huge on NXT.

    It'll be a party on Raw every time he has a match. The fans will be like :rollins:

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  11. Impossible.
    I'm Possible.

    Adam Rose is one thing, Awesome.
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  12. Alright....Fuck you, BLFFL....Had to get it out...

    So, Now you hate Bray Wyatt, why? Remember when you were all over Bray saying "Bray is My Man" and now you go saying you don't like him....

    Bo Deserves to be on Main Roster, He's been a solid heel champion for a while in NXT and he'll do well in the midcard, maybe he'll win a title or two.

    Adam Rose parties to the ring....He doesn't drive the fucking bus inside the stadium....He gimmick is Partying, He'll party to the ring...You would notice this if you watch NXT.

    Anyway, Had to get that Out because BLFFL is a Retard and changes her opinions about people who aren't Kelly Kelly every few weeks.

    Also....Bo's Vignette.

    I'm Possible

    I will continue to Bolieve in Bo Dallas.
  13. Adam Rose has been around for a couple weeks now he's pretty solid, could use a different finisher but I like to party!!

    Bo Dallas is ready for the WWE I spose.
  14. I think she's saying like OMG ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS as she can't believe it she's excited.
  15. nvm I got confused, I re-read it lol.
  16. Adam Rose is fun, and that is what the Universe wants.
  17. Wonder if Bo and Bray will tag soon?
  18. Probably not soon, he will probably do his own thing for awhile and then they will acknowledge it a bit later I bet kinda like they never did a Brotherhood thing until later in Goldust's career (although the age gap is bigger in that case).
    Who knows though the WWE likes to do crazy random things with the youngins nowadays it seems so quite possibly.

    Lol tsk tskk looking like a crazy ass indian in his Drunk Driving mugshot.
  19. The I'm Possible thing was so cool. At first I was like wtf? Random advert not cut out of my dl of RAW then Bo appeared an I marked.
  20. I've only really been watching NXT religiously since Arrival, and I can instantly see that Bo Dallas is a great heel. He knows how to work the crowd, and get them riled up when they try to give him grief, so based on that, I feel he'll be much better prepared for his run on the main roster this time around.
    Whilst he may not have the physical appearance to look menacing - like Brock Lesnar, let's say - he has the charisma to get over as a pretty good heel, so his "arrival" should be interesting.

    As for Adam Rose - I was sold on his first entrance on NXT. I thought it was brilliant, and I was into the gimmick. However, I am concerned as to how far it can go on the main show. Unless they actually do have good plans for him, I just have the feel right now that the gimmick will wear thin and they will left him fade into the back.
    His arrival might have something for Fandango, as I read somewhere that they're gimmicks would probably click with one another, and I agree with that.
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