Bo Dallas' Debut

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, May 24, 2014.

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  1. So Tuesday's recording and Friday's taping of SmackDown displayed the debut of Bo Dallas on the main roster.

    What'd you all think of it?

    ^Sorry for the less than mediocre quality it was like the full segment one I found on short notice.

    Given the gimmick of his character I thought it was pretty solid, although the match wasn't the longest it was a nice match-up putting him against Sin Cara for his debut.

    The match itself wasn't one-sided and let Hunicara show his stuff off a little bit before Bo's debut ended with a victory.​
  2. Pretty well executed. Guy has a lot of charisma and is good in the ring.
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  3. lmfao dude wears white fucking tighties? Genius.

    Hunico does Sin Cara better than that idiot did e'ery day. #PushHunico.
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  4. lol if he shits or pisses himself in the ring
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  5. Yeah lol Whitey Tightites fa sho.

    I'd like to see Hunico back as Hunico but not sure if they can just up and do that at the moment haha.

    Bahaha if that happens, it will be one of the funniest things I've seen in awhile (chick playing football wearing white pants and had her period mid game; needless to say there was a nice obvious red spot (really gross, but still hella funny).
  6. I'd like a reboot for Huni. Camacho is shit (great look) and the character is the racist shit we all have. However why WWE has him be cara is so far beyond me.
  7. It was a good debut.. the running bulldog off the ropes finisher was a little disappointing though... I never watched him in NXT, does he have an actual finisher?
  8. Spear and DDT mixed with the SPringboard Bulldog, he's used all three pretty recently.
    I can see them working on a better finisher here within a few months prlly.
  9. Yeah, they need to give him an actual finisher... the crowd seemed confused that he won on what would normally be just a regular move for a lot of other superstars lol
  10. Yeah that's honestly one of the bigger reasons I wanted to see Zayn or Neville up first, they each have their finisher down.. wish Neville had a more intense character :emoji_slight_frown:.
  11. I have only seen Zayn in the Cesaro/Zayn match at ArRival and I was impressed. But I'm giving Dallas a chance... something I rarely do for new wrestlers lol
  12. I'm looking at some NXT matches of his real quick (just the endings rather) and while his finishers are pretty standard (DDT, Springboard Bulldog, Spear) he does have some viciousness that goes with them for the most part, sometimes he makes those bulldogs like they're packing some force; same with the DDT, Spear and Belly-to-belly Suplex he used to use as well. If they can find a solid finisher for him to make look good and with that Bo-Liever Gimmick he has going I can see him sticking around for quite some time.
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  13. This new theme is growing on me, but he really needs "Anything" back.
  14. Well....he is the one who created the gimmick down in AAA, back when it was known as Mistico.

    The fact that the "original Sin Cara" was given the Mistico gimmick when he left AAA and now Hunico has the Sin Cara gimmick just makes some poetic sense to me.

    To the OP, I thought Bo's debut was terrific. It was a good match. The fans don't know how to take it really at this point, but that's the idea at this time. So, it worked.

  15. Well, they found a way to immediately translate the "heel who thinks he's a face" dynamic into the main roster, and I have to say, it was actually alright.
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  16. Bo Dallas debut was cringey
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  17. What did you find cringey about it, just curious?
  18. Why do I doubt you'll get a legitimately informative answer?

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  19. Haha I probably won't get any answer, although I will keep trying to pull one out of her :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.
    Gotta teach her to become a real forum user at one point or another.. I'm like Charles Xavier in X-Men I can't turn my back on someone, especially those who have lost their way.. well Tgmiveld is a different story, there's no talking to that guy it's like talking to a wall that just yells metrosexual or frivolous at you all day.
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  20. You're such an humanitarian.

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