Bo Dallas - Greatest Superstar of all time! What do you think about Bo Dallas?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Tumbas' #1 Fan, May 30, 2013.

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    • Best superstar of all time? Mine's gotta be this man in the picture, Bo Dallas. He is such a f'n charismatic monster, he is one of the best wrestlers in the world (ever) and his mic skills are almost as good as Chris Jericho's. I would really llike to see him feud with the best wrestler in the world, Sin Cara.
    • What is your favorite feud of all time? Mine's gotta be Bo f'n Dallas vs. Jinder Mahal. It's like Jesus vs. Satan, USA vs. Canada, Batman vs. Joker, Spider-Man vs. Venom, Goku vs. Vegeta of professional wrestling.
    • Just a matter of time, like it or not. He is gonna hold every fucking title in the business! This man has better mic skills than CM Punk & Paul Heyman combined. Dolph's selling looks like shit compared to MAH MAIN DAWG! BO FUCKING DALLAS. Bo is the true Best In The World. Ryback is like Bo's butler at Golden Corral. He is god.
    Wake up, haters.
    Bo Dallas > The Rock
    Bo Dallas > John Cena
    Bo Dallas > Dolph Ziggler
    Bo Dallas > CM Punk
    Bo Dallas > HBGay
    Bo Dallas > Stone Cold.
    Bo Dallas > Dic Flair
    Like it or not, this man is the future of this business.

    I hope you all realize this man is god. If not I feel sorry for your sorry soul!

    1. This is not a troll thread. I want to hear your opinion about Bo Dallas! THIS IS A FUCKING FORUM. People need their own opinions.
    2. Stop hating on my main man Bo.
  2. Bo Dallas is perhaps the greatest technical wrestler of his generation, the dude is a master of his craft, I have no idea why he hasn't won the mitb yet, he should be main eventing Mania with Sin Cara not squashing jobbers like Ohno, Neville and Wyatt on NXT
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  3. He is a great wrestler! Not trolling I kinda like him. I would take him over 50% of NXT anyday.
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  6. Enough.
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