Bo Dallas RAW debut

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Delbusto2, Jan 30, 2013.

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  1. Video I made. I don't like Bo all that much at the moment, but I thought his RAW debut came off nice, even being a big Barrett fan myself.
  2. Yeah, not a bad debut, even if he comes off as semi-retarded.
  3. Nice edit, the powerslam looked sick imo
  4. I was shocked and appalled by that result.

    *WWE IC title lost 2000 prestige points from this match
  5. Nice debut. He has potential. He is just 22. He can be a star in future hopefully.
  6. Bo Dallas does have potential. However, I'm not to keen on making your IC champion job to a rookie as the championship lost most prestige from the current state of the championship.
  7. Someone thinks highly of him... (Triple H?!)
  8. Big Show actually.
  9. Bo Dallas is wrestling:smug:
  10. Dallas has potential. But needs to learn how to speak asap.
  11. Yes, Dallas has potential. But he lacks a gimmick, charisma and talking skills. So... I would've put someone else on this role.
  12. Bo Dallas seems an interesting character I look forward to seeing him progress
  13. Bo Dallas had an okay match, it wasn't all that. He's solid at best, but there's nothing eye popping about him to be honest.
  14. Potential? Potential to suck even more perhaps.
  15. Anyone that is OK with that result has brain damage. It's a fucking travesty not only for WB putting over a talentless little pos hack like Do Ballas, but the IC Title may as well get tossed in the garbage.

    Fuck Bo Dallas, the horse he rode in on and the guy's dick he is sucking for this insta-push. Fuck. Him.
  16. Lmfao, yeah. What was that about him and yelling at people throughout the match? :dawg:
  17. His push should go to his brother. Why they keep Bray Wyatt (husky Harris) and his insanely bad ass insane cult leader gimmick back is beyond me.
  18. What's the name of the track you used here? It sounds like some kind of remix of Revelations, and that's my favorite WWE production songs. At least it definitely samples from it. It'd be much appreciated.

    On the subject of Bo Dallas, only speaking from what little I saw of him on NXT, the Rumble, and that video; I have managed to determine that he is definitely one of the blandest, most forgettable wrestlers I've ever witnessed. There really isn't anything I can say about this guy, despite all the success WWE has booked for him, he's failed to make any kind of impact on me. I quickly forgot about him after I stopped watching NXT. I forgot about him shortly after writing my Rumble review and had to think for a few seconds about who Bo Dallas was when I was skimming the Raw results.
  19. The song is called "Rebirth of Desire" by Pitch Hammer Music
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