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  1. Its about damn time Bo Dallas lost the NXT title last night seriously this guy should never of been NXT champion whoever thought to give him the title must of been high. At last a great englishman like Adrian Neville has the NXT title and he will do England proud. The Brits are taking over NXT and WWE Paige, Adrian, Wade Barrett
  2. Well, At least it sets up for Bo's call up

    Dallas Played his character well, Someone who is always Cheesy and cocky and is hated by the fans. In fact, You just proved he did his job well.

    Also, Wade Barrett in NXT? What have you been smoking?
  3. Bo is going to get called up? Fuckkkkk
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  4. I don't know, I'm just Assuming, Either he gets called up or continues his feud with Adrien Neville
  5. Its obvious Bo is gonna get called up now hes lost the title and theres nothing else he could do. This is gonna be so cringey him being on the main roster
  6. Nope, I can see him being a part of the Mid card division for a while, Maybe on the US Title scene...

    Bo is quite good, Not like someone like you would notice.
  7. Bo on the main roster? 2 weeks on tv, max, and not until after WM.
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  8. Bo Dallas is gonna save Cena from the Wyatt Family beat down at 'Mania.
  9. Nothing said he was gonna be called up, bro. You can continue watching Raw without burned retinas.
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  10. Snowman is always looking out for me <3
  11. *Bo Dallas interferes in the SHIELD triple threat and beats down Ambrose*
  12. *Crayo hangs himself*
  13. *Snowman quickly rushes into Crayo's house steals the rope and leaves a cute little bunny rabbit in it's place*
  14. *Jwab stands in the way of Snowman & Crayo's escape with an axe in hand*
  15. Hope he gets pedigreed, that little shit.
  16. *Bo Dallas makes his way to the back, finds Maddox and spears him into oblivion.*
  17. Bo Dallas vs. Adrian Neville in a Last Man Standing Match for the NXT Championship at Wrestlemania XXX.

    Book it.

  18. The match at arRIVAL was awesome, the Red Arrow off the top turnbuckle onto Bo who was just planted by Neville prior onto a ladder on the ground was money. I would've dug it from atop the ladder too but either way seemed to be effective :emoji_slight_smile:
  19. Could he really do that move from the top of a ladder? Seems like he needs the spring of the rope to generate that sort of rotation.
  20. He's done it standing in the middle of the ring before so physically it should be possible. But he wasn't as jacked back then. Much leaner.
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