Bo Dallas set for RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 4, 2013.

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  1. Can't wait for him to turn up with his piles of charisma.
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  2. What are you talking about? I'm expecting a 10/10 promo from him. #DallasTastic
  3. "Wade..*smile*...I'm here...*smile* fight...*smile*"

    There, spoiled it for you.
  4. Dude has gobs of character depth.
  5. He is going to be the new Heath Slater.
  6. Maybe he is here to give Barrett the rub, selfless guy that he is.
  7. Sad part is, Wade needs it.
  8. Want to see hum in action
  9. Truly sad part is neither of these guys can give the other a decent rub because neither is perceived to be higher up than the other. Barrett has fallen off so hard that Dallas got nothing from the rub they attempted to give him from WB on Raw a month ago.

    In WWE you have main eventers, upper mid carders, gate keepers and everyone else. If you aren't in one of those three spots it doesn't matter if you are mid card champ or NXT bottom feeder. You are all I the same boat. A have not. A loser. A scrub.
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  10. It's such a shame given the rich history of the IC Championship. After Rock and Austin feuded for it, it just hasn't been the same. Back in the days of yore, if you held that title, you were the next big thing. Now it just means you get a slight bump in payoffs for a while.
  11. Yea in the 90s if you got the IC Title it was for a reason. Now, not so much.
  12. I knew Sheamus wasn't going to compete against Wade Barrett for the IC Championship.
  13. Way what? Maven Clone is back!? GOD DAM IT ALL! :pipebomb:
  14. Random as fuck.. Don't get this stuff..

  15. You're given them for reasons, just not good ones.
    -Show got it to get a "big WM win"
    -Cody got it to transition it and so Show can turn heel
    -Christian got it to turn face
    -Miz gets the belt to re-establish himself as a semi-credible threat after jobbing all year
    -Kofi got it to facilitate a Miz face turn
    -Barrett got it to transition it to Bo
    -Bo seems like his plan has been scrapped.

    The problem is you could do all this shit without the belt. WWE obviously sees the belt as something to make them credible despite their jobbing, which is absolutely wrong. With the WHC being the way it is now, there's literally no reason to keep the US and IC belts around.

    Is it sad that I was actually looking forward to this? Having Dallas attack Barrett would give Barrett an excuse to not job to yet another superface... sigh. Dallas > WWE Booking
  16. I don't see the problem with doing any of those things while involving the IC Title, the problem is that once a guy gets the belt, they just completely forget about it afterwards. The guys walk around (includes the US Title as well) forever with the belt around their waist, barely defending it even once.
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  17. TBF the US title is and has been defended regularly under the Cesaro administration. The WWE title shouldn't be defended too often on free TV but it has played a focal point of the show 90% of the time. WHC is defended enough, being in a borderland between main event and mid card title and the tag titles are defended regularly or otherwise showcased as a "big deal". The IC is sadly completely forgotten.
  18. With Caesro, I guess. But with Swagger, I think the only time he defended the belt the two or so months he was champ was when he lost it to Santino, who then defended it about all of twice the entire five month stretch that he was champion. It's still annoying how Caesro almost always jobs when he's in non-title matches, at least recently. It's the same annoyance with Rey Mysterio as WHC in 2006, where he would win whenever the title was on the line but still lost virtually every non-title match he had. Lance Storm even said he should have been given the award for Least Pushed World Champion because of how dismal his title reign that year was. I've at least been enjoying Caesro's feud with The Miz, which is something considering I usually have a disinterest in all things Miz-related.

    I agree, the world titles have plenty of prestige at the moment. Tag titles not so much, mainly because of how dry the tag team division is. Diva's Title I could care less about.
  19. I've never cared for the divas title. And yeah, the champions aren't to blame in the tag division, rather that there ain't any real contention for them.
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