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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Cloud, Aug 6, 2014.

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  1. Bit behind as not been here for a few weeks. But ok I get that with Bo losing the "streak" it's helping him show more aggression etc... But for me to lose to R-Truth a guy who we rarely see just seemed stupid.

    Bo is not hugely popular but is slowly gaining fans and for me the streak should have continued with him just slowly continuing to gain momentum that way with JBL hailing it as the greatest thing ever.

    But hey nevermind its gone but here is hoping Bo keeps his slow gain of momentum weekly and becomes a solid mid card upper mid card act.
  2. Bo Dallas destroyed Truth and people were cheering. I BOlieve he'll continue his momentum. It's not impossible for ol' Bo to beat Truth again, because it's not spelled Impossible it's I'm Possible!
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  3. And actually, it wasn't UnBOlievable that he finally lost.
  4. I get that it just seemed odd that with the hype they were giving the "streak" they dropped it. Its like they changed plans.

    No issues with it as long as Bo keeps this slow burn tbh it just seemed a bit odd imo.
  5. Bo's character is white meat babyface hype so it's kinda fitting he loses before getting to the big stage. Like symbolic for when the e's pet projects flop,I doubt they meant it but it's a nice thought.
  6. He should win a pre-show match at Summerslam.
    Wyatt lost at Battleground and will, no doubt, turn it around at 'Slam.
    The 'E'mpire realizes now that 'Slam is hotter than a RAW. Dallas is big gigantic tool, in my opinion. Some of you cats dig him, but he's a big piece of sh** to me.
  7. That's how they want you to feel.
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  8. When I started watching NXT I hated him, but after a while I thought he was great. I love him because he's such a prick.
  9. I wish he'd be apart of the Intercontinental title match, Bo for champion.:bodallas:
  10. I was the same it really took me some time to fully understand the character and appreciate it.
  11. WWE can't make me feel sh**.
    If something dogsh** than its just that. Bo Dallas is crap. There's nothing of value. He isn't special and its just trashy.
    If others dig it, you won't hear me complaining about their specific tastes. The gimmick is worthless, plain and simple.
  12. I like bo dallas, and I hope they continue his slow push, simply because the guy is getting good reactions, and ignoring that and making him job would effectively bury the NXT championship to me, seeing as he was probably the most relevant guy on nxt, and him losing his push despite being over with the crowd would make zero sense
  13. Really like the dynamic of the heel who thinks he's a babyface. Losing to Truth was fine, since it was just to get that other side of Bo out, so to speak.
  14. Bo's gimmick just makes me laugh with how simplistic it is. And, with his ridiculous facial expressions, he manages to pull it off. Due to his gimmick, it's fitting that he loses to a jobber like R Truth when he's supposed to be this inspirational leader who can beat anybody.
  15. Someone tell me what there is to like about Bo Dallas' gimmick.
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