News Bo gets married

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jun 27, 2014.

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  1. Bo getting married in shorts. Cobaining it.
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  2. Yeah, playing the lawn bean bag game in the background. Thats what I'm talking about
  3. Don't you mean "Bo"-baining it? :bodallas:
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  4. BO-LIEVE!

    I like the hippy'esc weddings. None of that over used "Oh look at me" stuff. I don't like standard traditions of weddings.
  5. Do you take him as your husband? Bo.
    Do you take her as your wide? Bo.

    By the BOwer infested in me, I know pronounce you, a Boupole.
  6. As your WIDE!? I see why you play for both sides now. That shit would not fly on any girls I know lol.
  7. I learned from Chris Brown that you have to take charge!
  8. Then I learned from Freddie Mercury you just gotta sing!
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  9. I'll just verbally dislike this one as to not negatively impact your rating. Cause that matters, don't ya know.
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  10. It would have been perfect until Brad happened. :angry:
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  11. Bo married Sarah Backman the swedish arm wrestling champion WTF. I have seen a wedding pic of them kissing so its true. I wonder if theres a full family pic of them all together. I know Bray and his wife have a full pic of them all on their wedding day thats online
  12. Getting married in shorts? Not bad.
  13. Seems like a quaint wedding, congrats to them.
  14. Chilled out weddings are awesome.
  15. This should of aired on tv
  16. Noooo damn you @dios

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  17. It had to be done :bodallas:
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  18. It makes sense to get married in shorts at this time of the year, with it being Summer and all.
  19. Quality post there, Lock.
  20. fucking green card wedding if the truly married Backman. Considering she's dating some black dude and all since her WWE release in April.
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