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  1. Does anyone still play them? (including card games in this, such as UNO)
    I still enjoy them but it seems not many people are fond of them anymore.. :downer:
    I enjoy Scrabble, Monopoly, Uno, Checkers, to name a few.
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  2. I am still an addict of monopoly.

    I also loved Uno, Cluedo, Snakes and Ladders. And Chess.

    The sad thing is, No one finds them interesting anymore.

    I have been addicted to play Uno Rush on XBL Along with Family Game Night for all their board games.
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  3. I play a lot of candy land and chutes and ladders :upset:
  4. Monopoly is fun. Risk too if you play with the right people and have the time to commit. Also Trivial Pursuit.

    Doesn't surprise me you candyass
  5. Have a family games night once a month. Much chaos and arguments always happen but its great fun.

    We play a mix of Monopoly, Go For Broke, Cops and Robbers, and various others.
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  6. You're lucky your family plays for more then five minutes. with the way my family is someone will be put into a yes lock five minutes into a game of Uno.
  7. Yeah only happened last few years when I realised how important family are.
  8. I want to do a family game night. My family is not as close as it use to be.
  9. I feel your pain there.
  10. Tis crap. :downer:
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  11. Game of life, Risk, Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit.

    I love board games in general really!
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  12. We play Apples to Apples, although that is more of a card game.
    Monopoly is something we play maybe once or twice a year, and we have so many different types of the game it's hard to pick which one.
    I remember playing Risk & Stratego a lot though.
  13. Love Scrabble. Anyone know where I can play that online (2 players)? I challenge anyone here btw :tough:
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  14. I used to play it on my iPod touch all the time, there should be an app for it on any smartphone. As for on a regular PC, you could probably just google "Free Online Scrabble" and it would come up with something I'm sure.
  15. You find it, I'll play ya. :boss1:
  16. :challengeaccepted:
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  17. I try to play Mahjong, the proper Chinese version not the crappy windows matching game, it's hard to get people willing to learn to play though.

    Other than that it's just Scrabble (which i am terrible at as i can not spell very well) and monopoly sometimes with friends.
  18. :obama:
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