Boardwalk Empire

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nobody, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Someone tell me i'm not the only one who watches this awesome show. Watch the video, and then get to work, hour long episodes, and the 3rd season just ended.

  2. Got bored after the first season.
  3. Want this on my cable so bad.

    Considering-mode. :hmm:
  4. hour long episodes will do that to you. It picks up a lot in the 2nd, but the 3rd was awesome. Seriously just watched the finale today, and it was amzing.
  5. Never heard of it.. Wazzit about?
  6. Haven't watched a single episode. :hmm:
  7. Currently watching Season 1, episode 7. Good show, Sopranos alike.
  8. Yeah sopranos-like, but mostly about the prohibition of alcohol and the opportunities that arise from it. Lots of new gangsters, old mafia, and a city with unlimited funds that cannot be taxed. Great show.
  9. The same guy who participated in creating Sopranos is part of the "creative" for BE too.
  10. All im going to say is the last episode of the third season was badass.
  11. I tried to get into it... Buscemi, Scorsese... HBO... it all sounded so dope.

    But I only lasted like 2 eps into season 1.
  12. Guess I'll look into this. If I don't like it though .. someones' gonna' get GOT! :otunga:
  13. Hour long episodes will do that, the action really doesnt begin until about episode 8, and season 2 has it's share of mayhem, while this last season was more sopranos less booze runners.