Bob Backlund and Bruno Sammartino to be inducted?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jan 16, 2013.

  2. They're Hall of Famers' in the fans eyes whether they're officially inducted or not. What these guys accomplished in their era will never be topped nor forgotten.
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  3. Anyone else notice this new trend of WWE having to beg former wrestlers to be part of the HoF?
  4. Bet Backlund wants one more run. :obama:
  5. Which is probably why there's rumors that the kliq is going to be inducted. You don't have to beg any of them, especially Waltman. All you have to do to get Waltman is leave a bag of weed on the podium, he'll be there.
  6. A ring of weed for Waltman and a knee brace for Nash.
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  7. lol

    Bruno has turned them down before i think? Theses guys are proper HOF material unlike Koko b ware etc.
  8. Yeah, Sammartino has turned them down multiple times. He dislikes the path wrestling has taken and blames Vince.
  9. hell yeah. Was going to post "not if Sammartino has anything to say with it."
  10. id like the same induction. A whole ring made of herb around me in a circle? We could get retarded for...hours.
  11. Triple H might actually succeed in getting Sammartino inducted, which would say a lot about his position as former part-owner of WWE, considering he's turned them down so many times before. Backlund doesn't want to be inducted until he's completely retired, and he still thinks he has one more run in him, which is laughable considering the dude is pushing his mid-sixties. Never was a fan of Backlund anyway, personally.
  12. Thought you said abducted.:dawg:
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