Bob "Hardcore" Holly On TNA

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  1. In an interview with Wrestling Heels Radio, former WWE star Hardcore Holly talked about his experience working the "One Night Only: Hardcore Justice 2" event as well as the possibility of joining the TNA roster.

    "I went down there and did a match for their Hardcore Justice pay-per-view. It was a six man tag with me, Magnus and James Storm against Aces & Eights. I really enjoyed working for them. They were a great group of people, and it was great seeing a lot of guys I’ve worked with in the past. As far as the talent, they got a bunch of good guys. Everybody seems to be happy. There was no stress whatsoever. It was nice being down there in an environment like that. It was a really good time for me. And you know, we’re working on something for me to come back and do more for them.

    "I just don’t want to wrestle full-time anymore, simply because I’m enjoying life on my terms. I get up every morning and I don’t know what I’m going to do throughout the day – I don’t even live by a clock. If I do something for TNA, it’ll be on a part-time basis. I appreciate my fans wanting me to come back full-time, but you know, I had my day in the sun and I really don’t need to wrestle full-time anymore.

    "I think, honestly, I would fit in really well with TNA. The shows that they do basically wouldn’t be full-time like WWE, so that is a thought. Another thing too is that I’m still in great shape. I still work out five days a week and I still eat six times a day. I’m just a phone call away; I’m always ready to get back in the ring. So if the time does come and TNA wants me, I’ll definitely be ready. You never know what the future holds. Never say never."

    Thoughts? I haven't seen his work lately, so I gotta wait to see Hardcore Justice in July to say anything more. He said part-time, so why the hell not use him then? It can be once a month, maybe twice if he really is in a great shape.
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  2. What's the point in bringing him in even if he's in good shape? The guy offers nothing.
  3. Fuck that piece of shit. He is a boring ****.
  4. He's boring but maybe brings the hardcore style back, also with Abbys back that may be a good factor, WWE can't offer hardcore stuff with their superstars while TNA really can do that for sure
  5. Fuck the hardcore style, fuck Holly, fuck Abyss, fuck WWE and fuck you.
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  6. I read several excerpts from Bob Holly's book on another site and it actually looks damn interesting. He doesn't hold back his true feelings either, which I like. I wouldn't think I'd care about what he had to say but I guess he was with the WWF/E long enough (from about '94 to what, 2008 or 2009?) to have enough interesting stories to tell.

    Indifferent to whether he goes to TNA (or returns to wrestling at all) or not.
  7. I had constipation issues on top of forgetting to eat yesterday.
    Still gave more shits than I do about Holly.
  8. Holly threatened to kill Mr. Anderson the next time he saw him, lol. Whatever happened there.

    Also, Lesnar vs. Holly and Show vs. Holly were all dope matches.
  9. Wasn't it Anderson who told management that Holly was stealing dope from other wrestlers back in the WWE? I remember Simon Dean writing a blog on it.
  10. LOL, if true, then that's a legit reason for Holly to kill Anderson. What a dick (Holly).:facepalm1:
  11. 'dope'--- what was it? I see a lot of people use the word dope for a lot of things.
  12. Weed or drugs he meant.
  13. I know but dope is heroin. Only retards call weed dope.
  14. It was painkillers. Holly was 'crawling around backstage' (Simon Dean's words) stealing them from quite a few people, and Anderson snitched him to management and he was fired.

    Also, what was so great about Holly and Lesnar? (In response to Testify.) it was just a squash match. Holly did say in his book though that his ideas for building himself up more as a threat to Lesnar (going over relevant superstars) were shot down, and the match was supposed to get about 12-14 minutes but they cut it down to only six minutes because they felt HBK/HHH "needed the extra time."
  15. The great part was that asshole Holly got his neck broken.
  16. Only reason he got a world title shot in the first place. He also talked about that in his book - Lesnar got blamed and chewed out for it but Holly told Lesnar not to worry about it. (I always heard that Holly, asshole that he is/was, tried to sandbag Lesnar and it ended up costing him.)
  17. There is no doubt about it that he was trying to sandbag Lesnar.
  18. Trust me I know, I use weed once a month, I can tell the diferrence, no need to explain that to me. Yes, this is a groundbreaking statement from me.
  19. lol @ 'use weed'
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