Bob Holly on Tough Enough

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, May 3, 2012.

  1. How do you guys think about this? I mean, people say Holly was a real stiff wrestler and all, but do you guys think this video is the thing that was supposed to happen?

    Anyone with info about this?

    Please post it.
  2. Holly always seemed like a **** to me.
  3. I'm with Dolph here. Holly seemed like a major douche with a Napoleon complex
  5. Yeah no one barely gave two fucks about holly lol
  6. Yup with Dolph's as well. If I was one of the other wrestlers I would've jumped in and stopped it; that was just disgusting and he is a horrible man.
  7. Bob Rob Holly was hilarious back at the time, douchebag too, but still...

  8. Hats off to the kid who took that beating.
  9. Re-watched it a few times with my boss at work today, and felt bad for the guy.

    Then we watched this, and we felt happy again.

    Stiff sandbagging piece of crap.
  10. Your boss likes wrestling? Awesome!
  11. Naa he doesn't, lol. I just make him watch it, haha. Sometimes he likes some parts, sometimes he doesn't want to see anything.
  12. Lol still awesome though !
  13. Jose and his "boss"? Hmmm.......:urm:
  14. Sup bro? You mad you're unemployed?
  15. Dude, Holly just beat that kid up bad... not really ethical. It's always funny to see Lesnar powerbombing him though, just showed the sandbagging douchebag not to be such an ass.
  16. Ikr, I was like.. Bro, wtf.. You kicked him in the face! That ain't suppose to happen..
  17. The kid took it like a boss, kudos to him.
  18. Sure as hell, Crash called him a cry baby.. Like wth bro, you serious? This guy went through a fight, not a wrestling match..
  19. Holly was known to be a bully in the ring and backstage. What he did to that guy in tough enough was wrong. Holly is a fucking twat im glad WWE fired his ass. Also he sandbagged when Brock was trying to do a power slam so Brock broke his neck
  20. He only tagged out after Holly was done with him, and those boots to the face... vicious.
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