Bobby Lashley and Bully Ray are Bound for Glory

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  1. TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley and Bully Ray are now being advertised for Bound For Glory. This could mean that Bully has re-signed and may return at this week's TNA tapings from Bethlehem, PA.
  2. I assume Bully Ray is just going to be doing a pay per appearance type deal now, with TNA cutting costs they can't really give the talent anything long term or guaranteed (like Bully has been seeking from them).. He'll pop up here and there but something tells me they won't be resigning him to a full time contract until a new network deal goes down and they can get a little more revenue coming in.
  3. Okay, that's pretty cool. Good signs for the PPV, although I'd like to see more matches announced now.
  4. Figured both were going to be there one way or the other. Although I have to say, BFG feels like a ONO, so to speak. No matches announced yet, the TV show is going strong but it's not building to anything there, it just feels like a one-off special, honestly. If that's what they're shooting for great, but it's odd.
  5. Kewl, I'll be watching, with or without these two muthafuckas.
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