Bobby Lashley: What will be his Role?

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  1. As the title states what do you think Bobby Lashley's role will be within TNA? What do you see for the future of Lashley in TNA?

    As I watched this weeks TNA I remembered that Lashley is a member of the roster (not sure if he has a contract). I had totally forgotten about him which is not a good sign considering TNA appears to see him as a big attraction. I can't quite pinpoint what he is going to do, is he going to wrestle full-time? Part-time? Or will he just disappear one day inexplicably like some TNA personnel do?
  2. I think he'll be a full time wrestler. I mean, he's not enough of a big name to be a special attraction or anything, so it'd be best for everyone if he was just another guy on the roster.
  3. He's just another guy, similar to RVD in WWE.

    Am imagining that Creative have big issues planning anything for the guy, as most of the IWC will tell you TNA is a talk-heavy promotion... so why would they bring in someone who can't talk? Assuming there's gonna be more MVP/Dixie power struggle nonsense, maybe MVP can eventually be his mouthpiece?
  4. All I wish is a rematch between him and Samoa Joe, always wanted to see go at it once again. Their BFG 2009 encounter was awesome, though too short unfortunately.

    As for long term, I read/heard that Lashley is in TNA for a long haul, and that is under the contract. I wish feuds against Roode, Angle, Joe and Bully will happen down the line. They can carry him.
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