Bobby Roode and MVP: Men of Mutual Disdain

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    Men of Mutual Disdain

    “The IT Factor” Bobby Roode has had it in for former Director of Wrestling Operations MVP for quite some time. Ever since Roode felt the negative effects of MVP’s authority by being suspended, Roode has been on a warpath for vengeance. Although these two wrestlers have a mutual disdain for each other, they do share one similarity – extremely successful wrestling careers.

    Bobby Roode

    From forming one of the most influential and successful tag teams in history to carving out a historic and successful career as a singles competitor, “The It Factor” and his wrestling career can be summed up in one word…championships. Roode has obtained the TNA World Tag Team Title a record five times. His time with TNA spans over a decade, and aside from claiming a TNA World Heavyweight Championship, Roode is best known for being the longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion in TNA’s history.


    MVP’s successful career has taken him to the Far East and back. Before coming to TNA as an investor in the company, MVP won multiple championships in Japan. His international success has also translated over to his time in TNA. In addition to winning his first match at TNA, MVP also was a victor in the Lethal Lockdown Match against Team Dixie at Lockdown 2014, winning and inserting himself into complete control of wrestling operations. Also, MVP is currently considered one of the most influential figures in professional wrestling.

    As this rivalry develops and is intensified, tempers will surely flare. Adding fuel to the fire, MVP recently attacked Bobby Roode and Eric Young with his crutch on the most recent IMPACT. Tune into this week’s IMPACT episode on Thursday 9/8c on Spike TV to see how this tainted relationship continues!!!


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