Bobby Roode is King of The Mountain Champion!

Discussion in 'TNA Feed' started by TNA, Sep 8, 2015.

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    It was looking like a very dark day for Impact Wrestling, Jeff Jarrett and GFW were talking about a “Corporate Hostile Takeover” then The GFW crew stole The TNA World Tag Team Titles from The Wolves in a well thought out execution. It all happened in a blur. Lashley was closing in a victory against Chris Mordetsky when GFW goons hit the ring, that drew out The Wolves, but the numbers were in favor of GFW. What happened next was shocking!

    Jeff called for Karen Jarrett and out she came with a Feast or Fired Briefcase, the very briefcase won by Magnus at Feast or Fired! It was a gift for The Jarrett’s, which they used, perfectly, to have Brian Myers and Trevor Lee steal our titles. The Advantage lied with GFW.

    Later, Bobby Roode, had a chance to get redemption for TNA and did he ever. Roode was perfect, sticking and moving and against PJ Black for The King of The Mountain Championship, Roode was in the zone. Now Bobby Roode is The King of The Mountain Champion and all that we to do next is get back The TNA World Tag Team Titles. Congrats to Bobby Roode on becoming just The 3rd King of The Mountain Champion, but the first TNA King of The Mountain Champion.


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