Bobby Roode - The New Top Babyface?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Jun 22, 2014.

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  1. I was legit suprised at both Lashley winning the WHC, and Roode coming back to be honest. I thought he would return at Slammiversary but since he didn't, I completely forgot about him. Slammiversary and Impact both being good shows helped that matter too.

    Anyway, thoughts on if he will indeed become the man who takes the title down the road? Is now one BFG main eventer known? Can he be a as good babyface as he was a good heel during his title run?

    Personally I am a huge Roode fan and think he can pull both roles well, so I see no problem in him possibly being the top babyface. Bobby Roode is Bobby Roode after all, one of the best in the business.
  2. I guess, it does seem like Roode will pursue the WHC from now on. Sounds good to me!
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  3. Roode's a top guy for TNA, and from the glimpses shown earlier in the year when he stood up against Dixie and was close to quitting... I can see him becoming a top face for the company, notably winning the WHC at Bound for Glory. Of course, I think he would be catapulted further and TNA would get a real great moment if they could put the show (successfully) in Canada. Imagine Petey Williams winning the X-Division title, Eric Young beating MVP in a Last Man Standing match and Bobby Roode beating Lashley to win the WHC all in one night!
  4. Roode - The new top babyface and the next WHC? Yes, please!
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  5. The guy's simply the perfect guy to lead TNA into the next generation.
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  6. Now this could get me to start watching again.
  7. Talents such as Roode are reason why certain ought to be allowed a green light.
    I'm glad he never signed with WWE and its fantastic his light as shown so brightly with little downside.
    TNA should tread carefully with a worker with very few weaknesses.
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  8. This.
    If Roode gets the belt, there is hope and I will consider watching again.
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    October then.

    Though I'd recommed you guys to watch Impact regularly again, it's been really kicking ass since Slammiversary and the company overall has been on a role ever since. You do not want to miss the NYC episodes that are coming really soon.
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  10. This. In fact, I'd say watch Impact now just so that you can follow for the epic times ahead when Roode's champion, the wrestling authority stuff being done will hopefully be cemented with Angle and of course, more new talent. The one thing I'd want TNA to do now with their kick-ass shows is get more younger talent in so they're not relying on their older draws like The Hardys, Team 3D.
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