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Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by CM Punk, Nov 30, 2012.

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    Since I can't really find a video right now, but if you watched IMPACT tonight and Roode did his promo, it kinda reminded me of Christian(WWE).

    The way he delivered it and the tone of his voice. I would say it's a Canadian thing but it might not be. But yeah, it was a good promo followed by "Mr. Rastafarian Haircut" Christian York who had decent mic skills. Anyways, If anyone has a video of the promo tonight, post it by all means.

  2. Got the video.:smug:
  3. The WHC strap back on him can't come soon enough. Amazing persona.
  4. Another stellar promo from Roode and him then putting York over like a champ. Yorke may have lost but he came out looking good as heck.
  5. I already got used to seeing York on TV, he definitely fits great on the IMPACT roster. Mic skills is what he should he work on, though.
  6. Roode is really great. I hope he takes the title at Final Resolution. I also like York a lot, he's been booked very well so far.
  7. I wish he wouldn't run from people like that.
  8. Thisssss
  9. Can't wait to see Bobby Roode as a champion again. Heel champions are something I enjoy, but Bobby Roode makes it even more better with his sour attitude. I still remember when he beat up the cripple Chris Sabin, marked like a bitch. He is also TNA home grown talent, so I'm sure backstage he makes a great leader as well, you can't go wrong with him except making him a face and then give him the title :upset:
  10. Him being the leader is something I can definitely see in the future, but atm the leaders are Daniels, Sting and Angle.
  11. Bobby Roode's selling last night. :mog:

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