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    PWG's annual BOLA (Battle of Los Angeles) tournament will take place on August 29th/30th and 31st, so it's an extra night added to the tournament this year and an increased playing field of 24 competitors.

    The line up so far is:
    1. Matt Sydal (Evan Bourne) returning to PWG
    2. Drew Gulak (PWG debut)
    3. Chris Sabin (PWG return)
    4. Trevor Lee (BOLA debut)
    5. Johnny Gargano
    6. Brian "Curt Hawkins" Myers (PWG & BOLA debut)
    7. Michael Elgin
    9. Kyle O'Reilly (PWG World champ)
    10. Brian Cage
    11. ACH
    12. Zack Sabre Jr
    13. Rich Swann
    14. Candice LeRae (Replaces Trent?)
    15. Cedric Alexander (first BOLA)
    17. Bobby Fish (Replaces AR Fox)
    18. Chris Hero
    19. Chuck Taylor
    20. Roderick Strong
    21. Tomasso Ciampa
    22. Adam Cole
    23. Ricochet
    And the 24th and final name is Kenny Fucking Omega!

    Time to get hyped PWG fans. Time to get hyped.
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  2. Sabin, Lee, Gargano and Myers (Hawkins) announced. Swell line up so far.
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  4. My dick is massive for Busick!
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  5. Stiff 4 Biff.
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  6. We need to get that trending
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    O'Reilly and Cage are added.

    And ACH makes 11
  8. [​IMG] Didn't call this one. Amazing. I bet Cole and O'Reilly played a part in this.
  9. What the actual fuck!?
  10. Swann makes 13, Trent makes 14, Cedric Alexander makes 15....and AJ STYLES makes 16!

    Super Dragon is gonna have to move out to a cardboard box to pay for all of this! :fap:
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  11. Am i the only that wants Andrew Everett, sure he just debuted at Mystery Vortex 2 but shit that guy has talent.
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  12. And is out with a knee injury for at least six months.
  13. Injured for rest of the year.
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  14. This is turning into one of the most stacked BOLA's in years.
  15. Damn right. And still 8 more participants to be announced.
  16. AR Fox is 17
    Hero makes 18
    Taylor is 19
    Strong = 20
    Ciampa is 21
    Cole is 22
    Ricochet is number 23
    And the final name is Kenny Fucking Omega
  17. this is sex
  18. If you can replace someone with someone else, who would that be?
  19. Fox out since he is a sleeping pill.

    Tozawa in.