PWG BOLA 2015 lineup thread

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    Will update as more names are released.
  2. A British invasion is definitely needed, there are so many great British wrestlers around right now.
  3. Last year's BOLA was fun-tastic. Looking forward to this one!
  4. Man number 3 is.... Timothy Thatcher!
  5. Not sure if Thatcher's style will fit in with the PWG audience, but it'll sure be great to see him wrestle.
  6. Next four entrants:

  7. Englishmen, Englishmen everywhere!
  8. Nice lineup thus far.
  9. :yes:
  10. Pentagon. Fenix. Angelico. Drago. Evans.

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  11. Aerostar. Zack. Galloway.

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  12. [​IMG]

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  13. Wayyy better line up than last year.
  14. :blackshock:
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  15. This was the only wrestling news I kept up with during my work related exodus. So hyped.