PWG BOLA 2016 [Discussion Thread]

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Prince Bálor, Jul 9, 2016.

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  1. The 2016 edition of PWG's Battle of Los Angeles takes place from September 2 to 4 in Reseda, CA.

    Here's the line-up:

    1) Cody Rhodes
    2) Kamaitachi
    3) Jeff Cobb
    4) Mark Haskins
    5) Dalton Castle
    6) Pete Dunne
    7) Sami Callihan
    8) Tommy End
    9) Trevor Lee
    10) Adam Cole
    11) John Hennigan
    12) Jack Gallagher
    13) Chris Hero
    14) Mark Andrews
    15) Ricochet
    16) Matthew Riddle
    17) Marty Scurll
    18) Matt Sydal
    19) Kyle O'Reilly
    20) Fénix
    21) Zack Sabre Jr.
    22) Will Ospreay
    23) Pentagon Jr.
    24) Jushin Thunder Liger
  2. Awesome line-up.

    Hyped for the show, it is going to be insane!

    Stoked for Rhodes making his PWG debut, as well as Haskins and Liger! Also hyped to see Cobb (aka Matanza), Gallagher and Mundo.
  3. I want to see what a Kamaitachi/Cobb match looks like.

    Biggest stars coming out of this are Kamaitachi, Cobb, Riddle and Scurll. Rhodes will do okay but nothing overly special, he'll at least do better than Hawkins.
  4. Results:

    Show Spoiler

    Night One:

    * Marty Scurll defeated Pentagon Jr.

    * Ricochet defeated Jeff Cobb

    * John Hennigan defeated Matt Sydal

    * Will Ospreay defeated Fenix

    * Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Tommy End

    * Chris Hero defeated Jushin "Thunder" Liger

    * Adam Cole and The Young Bucks defeated Dalton Castle, Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly

    Night Two:

    * Dalton Castle defeated Tommaso Ciampa

    * Mandrews defeated Pete Dunne

    * Cody Rhodes defeated Sami Callihan

    * Fenix and Pentagon Jr. defeated Tommy End and Chris Hero

    * Trevor Lee defeated Kamaitachi

    * Kyle O'Reilly defeated Matt Riddle

    * Mark Haskins defeated Cedric Alexander

    * Matt Sydal, Ricochet and Will Ospreay defeated Adam Cole and The Young Bucks

    Night Three:

    * Trevor Lee defeated Dalton Castle

    * Mandrews defeated Chris Hero

    * Ricochet defeated John Hennigan

    * Marty Scurll defeated Cody Rhodes

    * Mark Haskins defeated Kyle O'Reilly

    * Will Ospreay defeated Zack Sabre Jr.

    * The Young Bucks retained the PWG Tag Team Titles over Fenix and Pentagon Jr.

    BOLA Semi-Finals:

    * Trevor Lee defeated Mandrews

    * Will Ospreay defeated Ricochet

    * Marty Scurll defeated Mark Haskins

    * Tommy End, Cedric Alexander, Jushin Liger, Chuck Taylor, Jeff Cobb defeated Sami Callihan, Matt Riddle, Pete Dunne, Tommaso Ciampa and Brian Kendrick

    * The BOLA tournament final saw Marty Scurll make Trevor Lee tap out to win. Will Ospreay was eliminated after a double team

    Source: WrestlingInc

    Looking forward to watching the show!
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