Bold Predictions going into 2014?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Kassius HoHo, Jan 6, 2014.

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  1. Everyone has predictions on on the direction of WWE going into the new year, whether it's on a superstar, or a title involving the company now it's your chance to tell us what those predictions you have in your head swirling?Here's mines

    -By the end of 2014 Roman Reigns when the Shield break up, when I don't know it could be the Rumble if not Wrestlemania, but when it does happen Roman Reigns will hold a title that's not a tag title in the WWE.If WWE pushes him to the moon it could be the WWE World Title but that's just fools gold right now

    -Two or three NXT Wrestlers/Divas will come up to the main roster, if I had my guess for some reason with Emma teaming with Natayla, it wouldn't be a shock to see Emma come up before Paige.The second Wrestler would probably be Sami Zayn, unless you're going to have him win the NXT title anytime soon why not bring him and test the waters?

    -Daniel Bryan after this Bray Wyatt business, he will get another WWE Title run that's doesn't last shorter than I eat a Ham and Cheese Sandwich, he deserves a full year make it happen WWE! So what is everyone else's predictions for the new year?
  2. Zayn or Neville will probably become NXT Champion which will lead Dallas to have segments on Smackdown similiar to the ones Sandow had when he debuted so expect Dallas to be brought up and be an internet troll. He gets heat.
  3. DZ vs DB to ME WM31 for the title.
  4. Dats 2015 doe.
  5. I suppose so but wrestling for me runs in a cycle like football from ER to WM thats my 2014 year. Currently to me we are running 2013 ending at WM.
  6. I predict Daniel Bryan will never hold the WWE title again, due to his lower midcard bulge. Randy Orton will retain the strap at Mania against Batista.
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