Football Bomb thrown during a soccer match.

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  1. Well during yesterday’s soccer match between Omonia Nicosia vs Anorthosis in Cyprus, an injured player was hit with a bomb during game by a fan in the stands.

    A teammate from Anorthosis was being tended to by medics when a fan of Omonia Nicosia threw a flare into the group of medics. It exploded, but it looked as though the group was just startled. Scary shit
  2. When you said bomb I thought it would be something like The Dark Knight Rises where the football field imploded. :downer:
  3. Stupid footy fans.
  4. Haha Yeah it was more of an IED
  5. Another reason why football needs to be banned in those countries.
  6. Agreed. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Cyprus and many more.
  7. I've never been to a Soccer match but always hear of these awful stories and riots. Is it like that everywhere?
  8. Some countries yeah, some you can control. But places like Italy can be a nightmare. Police attacks fans with battons etc.
  9. Nope, only these third world countries. Fifa refuses to just say "You know what, fuck off". There was a grenade on the pitch not too long ago, a player picked it up on the pitch, threw it away and then it exploded a second later. He was close to losing his hand.

    This happens all the time. Hell, the European championships (the 2nd biggest international football tournament in the world) was held in Ukraine/Poland, countries which suffer racism chants every week in their leagues. Racism was a massive factor in the Euro's and some bosses like Balotelli were racially abused. Well done Fifa.

  10. So it appears as though that those countries dropping out is not going to happen. Here in the states anytime something like this happens the level of security is raised fully. I'm talking pat downs as you walk in and metal detectors. Do you think that this kind of security would prevents these acts?
  11. Doesn't happen in good ol' 'merican football :obama:
  12. The only thing i can recall is during the 96 olympics? Believe it was a Pipe Bomb actually
  13. It's because Euopeans are mad mother F******
  14. yeah but the olympics is international, so all those freaks from other countries were over here
  15. haha @ dat kid lmfao
  16. oh when i saw the thread i thought there was a massacre not a flinch
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