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  1. I saw this on a Facebook page and thought it was a cool little thing so I'm bringing it over here. If you had the chance to book a Superstar's final WWE match, what would you do? This would be their absolute final match, no jumping to another promotion, no possible comeback, this is it.
    For my idea, I'm going to book Undertaker's final match.

    Undertaker is already getting on in age and I don't think many people expect him to go on for too much longer, so for me, his final match would be at WrestleMania 35 in Texas. Undertaker at this point would be 54 years old.
    From now up until that point, Undertaker wouldn't have had another match. He would have missed WrestleMania 33 and 34 because of injuries and at this point everyone is already waiting for him or WWE to just announce that he is done.
    2 months before WrestleMania would be the Royal Rumble PPV. On that card there is a match scheduled between Kane and The Miz. This match wouldn't be anything special. One of the filler matches on the card that not too many people are interested in. The match would end with Kane hitting the Chokeslam and getting the three count. As the ref counts three you hear the infamous "dong" and the lights would go out. After a few seconds, the lights would come back on and Kane would be nowhere to be seen. An urn would be left in the middle of the ring and on it would simply say "R.I.P". The next night of RAW, Undertaker would make his return. At the end of the show, Undertaker would come out to a huge pop. This would be the first time anyone has seen him in over two years. He makes his way down to the ring and grabs a microphone. He starts talking about how it is his time to leave. New monsters have arose whilst he's been gone (meaning Bray Wyatt who would be having the push of his career at this point, and Finn Balor would be on the main roster being a full time demon instead of a part time demon). He would say that his brother has turned weak over the years and it was best to save his soul whilst he still could. He would say that his brother has tarnished his legacy by selling out, becoming a suit and forgetting the true monster that he really is. After he says this old school Kane's music hits. Fire erupts from the ramp and out comes Kane, decked out with his old mask, red and black gimp suit from the 90's and you have the mother of all showdowns. The Deadman and the Big Red Monster face to face. The audience are going mental. Kane is carrying the urn that was shown at Royal Rumble. Kane grabs a microphone and says that he isn't gone quite yet. Undertaker didn't save his soul, he let it free. Kane thanks Undertaker for doing so and then challenges him to a match at WrestleMania. One final showdown, brother vs brother, career vs career. Undertaker accepts the challenge. Over the next two months you wouldn't see Kane or The Undertaker at all. Vignettes would play showing the history of both men, their epic matches from the past which finally come together for WrestleMania in Undertakers yard in Texas.
    The match at WrestleMania wouldn't have a stipulation. As much as a Hell in a Cell match might excite people, it wouldn't be done. No weapons, no stipulation, just brother vs brother.
    Thw two would have epic entrances. Kane coming out first, fire all over the stage and ramp. Undertaker then comes out second. Druids fill the stage and Undertaker walks through them. The match would be about 25 minutes long, both men hitting all their signature moves. Kane hits two Tombstones, Undertaker hits two Tombstones. The match would end with Kane setting Undertaker up for a third. Undertaker would reverse it into his own and as he hits it the lights go out and the "dong" would sound again. After a while the lights would turn back on with the druids surrounding the ring. Kane would be laying in the middle, hands crossed over his chest. Undertaker would be standing over him. About 20 druids enter the ring, each carrying an urn. They surround Kane and place the urns all around him. Undertaker would still be standing over him. They would take the tops off the urns and red smoke would pour out, covering Kane. You are unable to see Kane because of all the smoke. Undertaker would drop to one knee, roll his eyes back and stick out his tongue. Another "dong" would sound. The lights would go out and all you hear a very familiar voice.
    The lights would come back on and both men would be gone. Three urns would be left in the ring after the smoke clears. Kane, Undertaker and in the center, Paul Bearer.
    This would signal the end of not just Undertaker's career, but Kane's too. Both men, leaving together in an eerie way just like how they joined.
    A year or two later, Undertaker would be inducted into the Hall of Fame by Kane. Undertaker being the most protected man in WWE history couldn't just appear like a normal person. He would come out in a suit, accept his Hall of Fame induction and wouldn't say a word. He would hug Kane and the two would leave together, making sure to stop first to do one last turn to look at everyone in attendance from over his shoulder.

    And that's that! That's how I would book Undertaker's last match. Now your turn!
    1. Which Superstar are you making retire and why?
    2. Which superstar will the final match be against (does not necessarily have to be in WWE right now)?
    3. Which PPV will it be and where?
    4. Will there be a stipulation?
    5. How long will the match be?
    6. Who wins and loses?
    7. Would anything happen after the match?

    I'm curious to know what people think about that and what they would do for someone's final match.
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