Book Ambrose's Heel turn

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lackin, Aug 16, 2015.

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  1. Dean Ambrose is not really hitting home run's being face. I mean he has had some great matches and memorable moments but if and when Ambrose turns heel how will WWE book and how would you book it?

    Maybe something as early as Summerslam turning on Reigns? Joining the Wyatt family or joining the authority [​IMG]
  2. Joining the Wyatt family ain't gonna happen, at least I hope not.
    I'm not sure how to book this, he has no motivation to join the Authority or even part ways with Reigns as of now. Tough one.
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  3. Bryan Alvarez actually reported a few days ago that they're planning on turning Ambrose heel at Summerslam by having him join the Wyatt Family. Of course, I trust Meltzer's word far more than I do Alvarez's and I'll wait until I hear what Big Dave has to say about this, but it's something to think about for the time being. (I don't like this idea personally and also have to question just how likely it is; We sure as hell aren't getting any Shield triple-threat anytime soon as long as Ambrose is apart of Wyatt's family. That just doesn't work.)

    I'm not against the idea of Ambrose turning heel again one day, because I think he'd be more comfortable as a heel anyway, and his best look since coming to WWE was when he was in The Shield and came out with his hair all wet and slicked back and had that cold, psychotic expression about him. I would love to see him go back to that. However, if he's gonna turn heel again, I don't want it to be because he joins up with another heel group. He needs to be on his own.
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  4. Him turning heel on Roman and joining the Wyatt Family would be the stupidest resolution to their SummerSlam match. Well, not exactly, but it shouldn't happen. He doesn't really have any motive to turn heel right now, if Reigns just came out of the title picture prior to this current t feud then it'd be different. They've been on the same level for the past couple of months, and if anyone was going to turn heel on one another it'd be Roman in my opinion.
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  5. Ambrose doesn't need to join anyone, just turn on Reigns and walk out. He needs a heel turn because him as a face is boring.
  6. Ambrose turning heel at SummerSlam would be dumb. He will turn heel at some point, I presume, but it should be an organic process.

    If they turned him heel at SS by attacking Reigns and joining The Wyatt Family, it would feel like they did it for the lolz.
  7. can I just book him not to turn turn heel? would that work?
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  8. Ambrose is the most over babyface they have right now arguably. They just use him like crap.

    As for how I would turn him? You remember how Pillman booked himself out of WCW into WWE via ECW? That.
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  9. People figure someone is turning and the best option is Ambrose. Reigns is more over and has a brighter future as a huge babyface.
  10. Reigns hasn't been more over than Ambrose since the Shield split. Dean is so stupidly over they'll cheer no matter what he does. Which is why WWE have been utilizing him as a pop machine for Roman.
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  11. Ambrose has the most with-the-times character, is the most relatable guy on the roster, and, oddly, comes across as the biggest badass... We can agree to disagree on who has the most "potential" as a face, but there's MUCH more money in a heel Reigns than Ambrose, even if it's only temporary.

    Someone may turn eventually but those lights have been flashing for a while. They can always wait to pull the trigger
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  12. Actually they've been using Ambrose as Reigns lackey because they have nothing for Ambrose to do, besides back up his 'brother', which is why he should turn on Reigns.
  13. He's Reigns pop machine. They need to make people care about Reigns, so they are having him come out and save a guy the crowd already cares about. It's a very old trick in wrestling booking to get a guy that isn't organically over over. Ambrose is over enough that he'll work in whatever position they put him in, which is a double edged sword since they can pull shit like this and he'll remain over.
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  14. No matter who turns, how effective do you think this will be after the turn?
    As Ambrose's buddy he's coming across as a cool jock and a dude who'd be fun to have a beer with. Seems like so much of that will go away If Ambrose turns on him, no?
  15. You know how Cena for a while latched on to any new babyface that got over? (see Ryder: Zack), knowing Vince: That.

    Ideally Roman should turn heel since he has the tools for it. He has the looks, the pedigree and the punchable face to be a good corporate tool.
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  16. Oh I can't agree any more with this.

    Takes me back to MITB. Roman got his share of cheers running around kicking ass, but whenever he climbed the ladder the crowd erupted in boos. Just like with Cena, booing a Reigns "push" is the cool thing to do...
    Hey, they're running with an Authority storyline which was originally about playing off the fans' feelings that they knew what we wanted better than we did, and - somehow - it worked and gave us Bryan at WM30.
    Now Roman is a guy who the fans see as the "corporate choice" already, so a Reigns turn would fit like a glove and make all the sense in the world. Much more sense than turning the most over face in the company, lol
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  17. At this stage, I'm more for reigns turning heel as of now. He would be perfect for it. His move set and look are badass feeling and I can see him having that Batista heel persona.

    Dean is great as a heel, but better as a face. It hasn't worked out too well because he never wins anything really big. His credibility slips and it gets dry. That's WWE, not Dean. Book Dean to win the IC title and beat lots of competitors in various matches and things would be different.

    Or, let Dean even have a small run with the WWE world title... That would've been perfect.
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  18. Well I don't think the whole Wyatt Family thing is a good idea to have him turn heel.. I mean yes it will turn him heel but will it be effective? yeah probably not.

    Turning on Reigns is definitely the baseboard of starting the turn but how to capitalize and make it effective? I have NOOO idea.. I kind of feel as if that would be enough without the Wyatt's being involved in getting Dean to join.
  19. I agree, Ambrose turning is a stupid idea, he's too over and Reigns should be the guy to turn. Wyatt can handle most of his promos and Reigns can be the first guy Wyatt actually properly brainwashes for more than a few weeks, while Ambrose can be pushed more by himself as the more over face and guy that has been screwed over twice by his former SHIELD brothers/teammates - that gives Ambrose more story and maybe he can finally thrive, because WWE's held him back.
  20. me and dean friend
    dean know me
    dean know everything about me
    dean follow my career
    dean decides to fuck my shit up and turns heel
    cuts promos about his inferiority complex
    stops being an edgy 14 year old
    becomes Stone Brian Steve Pillman
    gets over as a mega heel
    has great match with roman bellic
    both go over looking good

    Just created a great feud to bring in viewers during the cold season.
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