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  1. So this seems to be a dream match for the IWC, and I'm curious how you guys would book it.
    I myself am unsure, but I think Lesnar would surely be a face.
    What about you? Would it be heel vs heel? Who should win and how?
  2. Oh, Lesnar would most def be the one receiving the face reactions. I would just want to know where paul heyman fits in all this, though. Was he ever a functioning babyface?
  3. I don't see Heyman's role changing one bit, unless he turned on Lesnar for Owens. Heyman has always managed to generate a positive reaction from the crowd, even more-so as a heel. The only thing that'd change is that he'd probably stop making subtle insults at the crowd if he were to stick with Lesnar as a face.

    But yeah, I'd have Lesnar be the face. The best time frame for it to kick off would be a week or two after the Rumble, with WrestleMania being their showdown.
  4. After Owens beats Cena for the US title at Battleground and Lesnar win the WHC this would, in my opinion, be the best feud for Lesnar, not Sheamus.

    They could start the feud with Owens talking about his victories over Cena and how nobody ever dominated Cena like he had.. not even Brock Lesnar.

    At that point Lesnar comes out and Heyman says that Owens is living a fantasy and any time he wants to Lesnar could end that fantasy. Owens makes a sarcastic comment which Heyman brilliantly retorts.

    Over the next 2-3 weeks Owens continues Cena's US open challenge defeating every person that steps up and cutting promos on Lesnar after every match. Heyman occasionally comes to the stage and retorts until one time Heyman comes out while Brock is not there and Owens attacks him, "injuring" him and forcing Lesnar into a match to get revenge.

    Lesnar never truly has to be a baby face, I think he just needs motivation to fight the person he's fighting, period.

    As far as who should win, that simply depends on Lesnar and whether he wants to put Owens over.
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    Lesnar wins that 10/10 times during this time of year. If Owens goes over Bork (and I assume he will eventually) it will be at or shortly after WM next year. Like the Night after, max.

    I like what the guy above me said, and 100% agree Lesnar has no need to be a face. Heyman can still come out and trash talk, people love it more when he goes heel. Just make it about being a fight.
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  6. Liking these ideas.
  7. Kev said everything I was going to write about. Good job, fella.
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    There are so many different ways to build to this match that it's hard to choose just one, so instead I'll just say this: regardless of how you book it, save the match for Wrestlemania 32 and do not pin or submit Brock Lesnar (cleanly or otherwise) in a match before then. If he loses a triple-threat match without being pinned or submitted (like one of the rumored ideas for Summerslam that pits him against Rollins and Reigns in a three-way), then I'm cool with that but otherwise, no.

    As for how to book the feud, here's one idea: Come January, Paul Heyman comes out with Brock and announces that Lesnar is entering the Royal Rumble match. Heyman begins ranting in his usual impassioned zeal about how Lesnar's gonna dominate everybody and win the Rumble and headline the biggest Wrestlemania of all time, and then Kevin Owens comes out and rudely interrupts him. (Interrupting Heyman's speech just to get in Brock's face sounds like just the type of thing that a cocky and overconfident heel like Owens would do.) He tells Heyman and Brock that ever since he burst onto the scene and started running roughshod over everybody, 'Kevin Owens' is the name that emanates feelings of intimidation within everyone now, not 'Brock Lesnar.' After some back and forth between Owens and Heyman, Brock snatches the mic from Heyman's hands and tells Owens that if he wants to fight, then all he has to do is make the first move, but Owens slowly backs away instead, taking a line out of Lesnar's book as he does so by telling him that he's a "prize fighter" and that means they'll fight on his terms, not Brock's.

    At the Rumble, Kevin Owens is the iron man and has the most eliminations of the match so far, but then Lesnar's music hits and the place goes into a frenzy at the prospect of these two squaring off. Brock eliminates Owens, but then Owens re-enters the ring a few minutes later and starts brutalizing Lesnar with a steel chair. He leaves and as Brock slowly stumbles back to his feet while staring at Owens up the aisle with piercing eyes, someone comes up behind him and dumps him out, and Owens continues walking to the back while laughing to himself as how badly he just fucked over Lesnar. (Anyone remember how Brock fucked Goldberg over at the 2004 Royal Rumble? I'm envisioned the very same thing here, only with Brock in Goldberg's role and Owens in Lesnar's this time around.)

    I could type a lot more, but I don't want to write an entire novel about it, so I'll just leave it off there. That's more than enough to stir up tension between them. Just have the feud continue to escalate and become increasingly more personal from there and you're golden. Oh, and as for who would be the face of the feud and who would be the heel, there's no need to even have those kind of alignments in this match. Owens would probably feel more like the heel and Brock the babyface, but the audience isn't gonna completely boo either one of them, so who cares. Just like The Shield vs The Wyatt Family in 2014, just throw them against one another and watch the audience chant "This Is Awesome!"
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  10. Would Owens somehow being a face work better than Brock being face?
  11. Owens would be the heel, I think, although he does get a fair share of cheers and Lesnar would be... Well, Lesnar. He's beyond the point of booing and what else can I say, the match would be an awesome slugfest.
  12. I would book Owens to win. He is very nice and polite and cares very much for his family.
    We weren't friends, but I've to many shows where he was working.
  13. That's one of the reasons that Heyman and Lesnar work so well together. They both can be fan favorites without being faces. They don't really change who they are, it's really who their opponent is that determines their status.

    Kevin Owens is just outstanding as a heel. I never cared for him as a face in ROH and never really saw him as a face anywhere else. He, however, is a perfect heel in the way that Ric Flair, Kurt Angle and Ted Dibiase were perfect heels. I think he's best that way.
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  14. Probably. The tricky thing about Brock Lesnar being a babyface is that no matter who you put him up against, it's inevitable that his opponent will look like the underdog just due to the way Lesnar's been booked. And the vast majority of the time, the underdog is the natural babyface. It can be a bit problematic, and that's why I feel someone of Brock's stature is a much more natural heel than not, especially with someone like Paul Heyman as his manager. People almost always cheer the underdog in a contest.

    On the other hand, it really all depends on the specific story they wanted to tell between them. If it's "Kevin Owens is a chippy asshole who's ways of bullying folks and running roughshod over everyone have gone on for far too long, and now it's time for someone to put him in his place", then Lesnar would obviously work better as the face. But there's really no need to care about the dynamic of face/face, face/heel, or heel/heel when it comes to a feud like this. As I mentioned in my previous post, much akin to The Shield vs The Wyatt Family last year, book the rivalry as two bad-asses who happen to cross paths somewhere down the road, and then sit back and watch the fans eat it up.
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  16. WHY DOES THERE NEED TO BE A HEEL AND A FACE? They are both over as hell, and people will juice everywhere seeing them confront each other in and out of the ring. There does not need to be a turn or any of that bullshit, worse case there is a face 3rd who eats the pin and we get 2 ppv's with Owens hopefully going over.
  17. Lesnar and Owens stare each other down but what's that?? Ziggler's music hits. He comes down the ramp and hits Owens with a stone cold stunner. Owens dies! Brock cowers in fear and Dolph gestures toward him, and Lesnar scrambles away, never returning to WWE in fear that DZ may punk him out once again. Ziggler then challenges Lanny Poffo to a spelling bee
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