Book of Mormon

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, May 20, 2014.

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  1. So the site has been down for a bit now and my Birthday was this past Sunday the 18th; I went to the 'Book of Mormon' which is a play/musical created/directed or what have you by the creators of South Park (Matt Stone and Trey Parker) as well as the mind behind the play (Avenue Q; a very humorous play indeed). I've wanted to see it ever since tickets first went on sale a few years back but man oh man was it hard to get Broadway tickets; the show is always sold out pretty much the day new tickets go on sale because the show is sooo good!


    Anyway I was wondering if anyone else has seen it or read about it/listened to the soundtrack because I wanted to hear what they had to say.

    Since the show I went to was on tour it wasn't the exact cast that was on Broadway in New York City but the road crew who was trained on Broadway by the same people the real cast was trained by. I honestly thought the bigger main character who was on the tour cast for us was WAY better of a singer/actor than the Broadway actor (Josh Gad, Credits Include; 'The Rocker', '1600', New Girl etc..)

    They keep the comedy dirty yet not entirely vulgar so pretty much anyone of all ages can find enjoyment in it; I sat next to this couple that was at least 60-70 years old and they were laughing their asses off!

    If it comes to your city on tour and you can manage to get some tickets pretty cheap (mine were $50 compared to $200 minimum for WAY back on Broadway) It's DEFINITELY a play/musical you want to check out! If not I totally recommend at least listening to the soundtrack, a majority of the songs are very funny.

    10/10 for me and I'm not really a play guy myself, but this one hit the spot!
    You can find more info about the show or even locate tickets I believe on their website for it which is:

    Book of Mormon
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  2. Cheers for this review lad as I've been faffing trying to decide whether to go see it or not. Mind made up now I'm gonna go if it hits Mancunia soon.

    By the way have you seen Avenue Q?
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  3. Mmhmm! I didn't see it live but my buddy (worked for the Theatre film room above the balcony at the time) managed to sneak a recording one night and the quality was about 90% audio and then 75% video but I was able to get a good idea of what the choreography and lines were. It was awesome! if Avenue Q ever comes back around or if there is a smaller theater group around here putting it on I'm definitely planning on seeing it. I've listened to the soundtrack too it's awesome in high quality a few months after I watched the "bootleg" or whatever you wanna call it haha. Really good show and really good songs I gave it a 9/10.

    ^ My favorite song from Avenue Q; not the best quality but you can get the gist of the comedy :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  4. Lol his name was Mormon Joe in that movie :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: So probably yeah haha.
    Orgazmo was literally the only one of their "works" I didn't thoroughly enjoy; I found some enteratainment in it but wasn't great.

    Cannibal the Musical their first work was pretty solid, definitely showed they had some promise as far as musicals go; I hear they're planning to adapt the play 'Book of Mormon' into a movie which I think would be pretty awesome!
  5. Yeah, it had its moments but it was pretty stupid. Stupid funny though, like Zoolander
  6. Yeah you should see it its great. Me and my mates have seen it a few times in Manchester its awesome. We call it Sesame Street on acid.
  7. My sister who's never done any sort of drugs beyond marijuana made that exact same comparison haha.
  8. I need to see this then haha
  9. Yeah its wicked. My mates can't really stand musicals but this they love. Constantly have them singing and quoting lines from it.
  10. That's how me and my buds were w/ the Book of Mormon; not super into musicals but it was awesome.
  11. Yeah things are slowly changing in that world with newer stuff like Avenue Q, Book of Mormon etc...

    Then you have stuff like American Idiot, Rock of Ages all doing well with younger audiences as well.
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  12. American Idiot was terrible IMO; and Rock of Ages (only play I've ever seen on the actual NYC broadway) was really entertaining! I think they recently did a Spiderman musical too that is doing pretty well with younger audiences and some older audiences being as Spiderman is one of the older superheroes.
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