Summerslam Book The Show: SummerSlam 2014

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Roadster, Jul 28, 2014.

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  1. I thought of doing this since the Royal Rumble but never got around to it.

    Book the show whether it be using the official card or a fantasy card. You write out what you think should happen and you give your opinion on why this should happen.

    Some Rules:
    I thought these should be in place to keep it clean.
    No doing the same match in the entire card (i.e John Cena vs Brock Lesnar for 5 matches)

    That's it.
  2. Brie Bella Vs Stephanie Mcmahon - I Quit Match.
    Paige Vs AJ Lee - Submission Match
    Swagger vs Rusev - Stipulation: (If Rusev loses, he leaves the country.)
  3. Main Event for the WWE WHC: John Cena (c) vs Brock Lesnar
    IC title match: The Miz (c) vs Dolph Ziggler vs Bo Dallas - if Bo wins, he gets The Streak back
    US title match: Sheamus (c) vs Alberto Del Rio vs Cesaro vs Zack Ryder
    Tag Team titles match: The Usos (c) vs Harper and Rowan vs Big E and Kofi w/ Xavier Woods

    Cody Rhodes vs Goldust
    Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose vs Randy Orton and Seth Rollins - Elimination match
    Jack Swagger vs Rusev - Flag match
    Chris Jericho vs Bray Wyatt
  4. Main: Brock over Cena for Cena's championship necklace (Seriously die for wearing the belts like that)
    co-main: Reigns vs HHH- HHH wins after gobs of fuckery to lead to more matches between the two
    Ziggler vs Miz vs Sheamus- triple threat mid card unification match. Ziggler kicks out of 2 brogue kicks, pins Sheamus w/ Zig Zag. Miz kayfabe dies mid-match.
    Rollins vs Ambrose for Rollins briefcase- Ambrose goes over
    Rusev vs Jack Swagger shitty flag match- Instead of this match happening, right before the bell the Wyatt family comes out and abducts Rusev. They turn Rusev into a brain washed russian Wyatt Family member.
    Opening Match: Cesaro vs Jericho- no build needed, just send them out to set the house on fire to open things up.
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  5. Main Event: Bray Wyatt vs Brock Lesnar no dq for the WWEWHC- Lesnar goes over after Harper has an altercation with Bray.

    Co-Main Event: Rollins vs Ambrose for the briefcase- Ambrose goes over in a physical back and forth match.

    Triple threat tag team match for the titles: The Usos vs The Ascension vs The Wyatt Family- The Ascension pick up the win.

    Sheamus vs Miz vs Ziggler vs Dallas: Fatal 4 way for the I.C/US titles- Bo Dallas wins to unify the titles.

    Rusev vs Swagger in a submission match: Winner has bragging rights for their country- Swagger makes Rusev tap.

    Roman vs Cena: Grudge match from MITB events- Cena wins with help from The Authority. #HeelTurn:jeritroll:

    Cesaro vs Orton: The Authority tries to get revenge after Cesaro turns on them- Cesaro goes over in a good match.
  6. Main Event - Brock beats Cena clean after 3 F5's

    Co-Main Event - Roman Reigns vs HHH, HHH beats Roman with the help from Batista sparking a feud with Reigns and Batista.

    Rollins vs Ambrose - 40 minute uncensored batshit crazy match

    Randy vs Kane - Randy beats Kane before Roman Reigns attacks Randy.

    IC belt - Ziggler wins cleanly.

    US title match - Rusev vs Swagger vs Sheamus with Rusev winning and trashing it unveiling the Russian Federation title.

    AJ vs Paige - Submission match with AJ beating Paige.

    Brie vs Steph - Steph beats Brie with help from Nikki thus adding Nikki to the Authority.

    Bo Dallas vs Anyone - He beats them and gives them a speech on not being a sore loser, ironic.

    Damein Sandow vs Adam Anus -Sandow beats Anus after a cheap shot and role up while holding the tights runs away before Big Show returns and gives him a knock out punch,
  7. - Brock Lesnar def. John Cena (c) via submission!!! (singles match)
    - Dean Ambrose def. Seth Rollins via pinfall (30-min iron man match)
    - Bray Wyatt def. Chris Jericho via pinfall (singles match)
    - Roman Reigns def. Randy Orton via pinfall (singles match with Kane as special guest referee)
    - Jack Swagger def. Rusev (flag match)
    - Brie Bella def. Stephanie McMahon via pinfall (singles match)
    - Paige def. AJ Lee (c) via pinfall (singles match)

    - Pre-show: IC title/tag-team title match.
  8. Orton Def Lesnar, clean as a whistle for the title, after Cena drops it to Lesnar on RAW

    Wyatt beats Jericho in a squash

    HHH beats Cena clean then fires him

    Ted Dibase Jnr is revealed

    An anouncement is made that the rump shakers divison is cancelled

    That would be as sound as a two bob pound
  9. *Fantasy card*

    Main Event: Daniel Bryan (c) vs Lesnar vs Cena - Lesnar wins! Only to drop it to Bryan at Night of Champions.
    - D-Bry goes over Lesnar at NoC and finally his 'B+ player' storyline comes full circle.

    Co-Main event: Reigns vs HHH - Reigns wins

    Ambrose vs Rollins - 30 min. Iron Man match - Rollins wins with The Authority's help

    Orton vs Kane - Orton wins

    Bray Wyatt vs Y2J - Bray wins

    The Usos (c) vs Kof-E vs The Wyatt Family - Tag Titles - Wyatts get the gold

    The Miz (c) vs Ziggler vs Bo - IC Title - The Miz gets a cheap win after the other two have already beaten the hell outta each other

    Sheamus (c) vs Swagger vs Rusev - US title - Rusev gets the win, his momentum finally pays off

    AJ (c) vs Paige - Divas Title, Submission Match - AJ wins

    Pre-Show: Cesaro vs Big Show - Big Show wins, since Cesaro's momentum has already been killed ruthlessly
  10. Cena v Ziggler v Cesaro - WWEWHC match
    Paige v AJ (with Steph as ref) - Divas Title match
    Miz vs Miz - Loser leaves WWE match. The winner is fired on RAW next night
    Swagger vs Rusev - In a Lana is hot match. No matter the outcome, Lana is still hot.
    Sheamus vs Rollins - U.S title match
    Wyatt vs Jericho
    Usos vs Wyatt Family vs Kofi and Big E
  11. Main: Cena vs Lesnar: The fun of this match is that you can't fantasy book a good finish since they can't let either guy leave NoC (think they'll have a rematch) with the belts. The only good way out is an MITB cash-in, but there's no good way to write that either (barring a double turn which I'm not even gonna try) For this PPV Brock needs to go over of course.

    Semi: Reigns vs Triple H, #1 Contender's Match: They screwed this up by having Hunter put Roman in the match for no reason but pretty sure they could get away with it had the Authority interfered in the boring ass Battleground main event. Reigns wins this setting up Rollins vs Reigns for the title down the road because Reigns was the one Rollins turned on even though he apparently doesn't remember that.

    Steph vs Brie Bella: Brie powerbombs Stephanie off the top rope through a table.

    Rollins vs Ambrose obviously for the fucking briefcase you dolts: 20 minutes of good in-ring action followed by a very memorable finish. Ambrose shows a boatload of resilience and gets over despite Rollins winning clean.

    AJ vs Paige in a normal match that's much better than the Battleground match is fine, but they either should have indy booked this (I'm the best woman in the division! No I am! Lets fight!) or Paige finally starts kicking ass like all us NXT marks know she can after she turned heel. As much as some may like it this cutesy crap has no real reason to continue.

    Sheamus vs Miz in a Winner and Loser Lose Their Belts Forever match never happens because Miz says "screw this, I've got an acting gig" and walks out of the company. Or Tyler Breeze injures his ass for stealing his gimmick and making it shitty. One or the other.

    Bo Dallas vs Adrian Neville: With PPV's being 9.99 a month and a main event that sells the show by itself, there's no reason not to test Neville on a show like this instead of wasting this spot on R fucking Truth. Basically the same build but with Neville being an unknown to casuals there's at least a little intrigue which is paid off with a nice Red Arrow.

    Swagger vs Rusev in Something that's Not a Flag Match: Hate giving the unbeaten streak to Swagger but they really need the face to go over in this, and this Patriotic Face Swagger thing is working so far, may as well push it a little bit.

    Jericho vs Luke Harper with Bray and Erick banned from ringside: Harper wins and causes some doubt in the Wyatt Family.

    Cesaro vs Flo Rida: Good build for this as Slater eliminated Cesaro from the Battle Royal just to get his ass kicked by Flo Rida the next night. So Flo Rida > Slater > Cesaro. Cesaro uppercuts the living shit out of this guy and gets what Michael Cole calls a "signature victory"
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  12. Main - Ryder vs Cena. Ryder wins, is that even a serious question. No DQ kick to the balls, Broski boot to the temple and then Woo Woo Woo, you know it. Ryder gives the new WWE belt an upgrade and puts the Internet Title in place.

    Reigns vs Orton - Could be dank, Orton kicks Reigns with that nasty boot, but when he does that "vintage Orton" move Cole jizzes all over, Reigns knees up the rope and pulls him up to throw him over the ropes. Orton gets concussed, and later dies. The WWE universe celebrates, and immediately hires Jeff Hardy back to replace him.

    Steph vs Brie - So many tits pop out in this match. I mean bra and panty matches are cheap, i'm talking dive bar bitch fight with claws and no shirt to put back on, who fucking cares who wins.

    Rollins vs Ambrose - Titty master ftw, Rollins has the bitch heel gimmick and needs a way out so hopefully an absolute ass kicking from a guy he is more gifted than would help, srsly.

    AJ vs Paige - piss break

    Sheamus vs Miz - Take a shit instead.

    Bo knows Dallas vs Neville - I dont even know who Neville is, but R-Truth wins.

    Swag vs Rusev - Check ESPN, but hurry, you've only got about 3 minutes, max.

    Jericho vs The Wyatts. Tivo DVR and Torrent this shit. No one gives a fuck what happens, what matters most is the 8 minutes spent with microphones before the match, because this is the only reason WWE is worth watching today. Oh shit piss yeah, Jericho returns and owns the everloving dogshit out of this chickenshit bullshit, facing the fucking Wyatt family. He comes off a Wyatt win where every asshole who said him losing to new stars was bullshit and then turned around and hated their dicks off when he won Jericho vs Bray 1. I expect this to turn into Bray vs Jericho 1v1 at HIAC, alerting the fans to wear two layers of underwear for all the prejacks that will happen. I expect this to be a FUCKING DOOZIE and when it's all said and done, Monday night will be Raw, is, Jericho.

    Pre Show Cesaro jobs to Ziggler so everyone can fully accept WWE is shitting on him for the sake of shitting on him. The match will be great, and the fans will be interested in buying their gear - however we won't see either one for at least a week.

    Oh and Heyman will come out, Disco Inferno will be a special guest ref, and there will be at least 3 TNA commercials during the PPV.

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