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  1. Okay. Two matches for OTL have already been booked and confirmed. This gives us a opportunity for a game. Book your own Over The Limit card with match ups. Superstars and divas you want to see in action. Then when the final card is set we see who is closest to the official card. This is in no way trying to usurp the prediction thread (How that could be seen as possible I have no idea). Let's get kicking. No limit on amount of matches or titles contended.

    WWE championship match: CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan (Confirmed)

    Main event (most likely): John Cena vs Johnny Ace.

    Show opener: Intercontinental Championship match, Cody Rhodes vs Big Show.

    World Heavyweight championship: Sheamus vs ADR.

    Divas: Layla vs Beth Phoenix.

    Tag team championship: Kofi&Truth vs Epico & Primo rematch.

    Randy Orton vs Kane

    Filler match: Ryback vs jobber/mid carder

    Pre-show: United States Championship, Santino vs Otunga
  2. OTL will probably be something like this...

    Punk vs Bryan

    Cena vs Ace

    Sheamus vs ADR

    Rhodes vs Show

    Layla vs Beth

    Orton vs Kane

    And there will be a match for the tag titles along with a Ryback squash match.
  3. Punk vs Bryan WWE Championship

    Sheamus vs ADR WHC

    Rhodes vs Show IC

    Santino vs Miz US

    Beth vs Layla DC

    Tensai vs Brodus Clay (vs Ryback)
    Ryback vs Kane
  4. John Cena vs John Laurantis

    WWE Title: CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan

    World Heavyweight Championship: Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio

    Randy Orton vs Chris Jericho

    WWE Diva's Championship: Layla vs Beth Phoenix

    WWE Tag Team Titles: R-Truth/Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler/Jack Swagger

    Some other match involving at least one of these: Kane/Show/Rhodes/Santino/Miz/etc.
  5. Brodus Clay's music sounds. He comes out and does his Funkasaurus dance. Cameron and Naomi do their booty shaking and whatnot. As Brodus enters the ring, a light flickers up in the scaffolds. Brodus hears a snap and the ring collapses under his weight.

    The rest of the PPV is a memorial service for Hornswoggle.
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  6. I just had too like this.
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