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  1. Booker T made a prediction for the WrestleMania 40 main event:

    "Dean Ambrose versus Dolph Ziggler."
    Alot may say that this is a likely prediction ,others may argue both will be in there late thirties early fourtys but as RVD put it " It's not how old you are , It's how old you feel " so what are your WM 40 Main Event Predictions ? COMMENT BELOW :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins ! Amazing indy wrestlers in the main event , IWC Dream Match!
  3. Ambrose Vs Rollins has happened, Ziggler Vs Ambrose is happening now.

    I don't think there is any real way to predict Mania 40 because we don't know what will happen in 10 years.
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  4. Yeah but guessing doesnt hurt! Jr used to do it alot.
  5. Good god you guys are ****s. Anyways, we'll have Ambrose in the main event, well before a decade from now too.
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  6. The only **** here is you.
  7. Nobody uses my own word on me!! I am shocked and appalled!!
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  8. How the fuck does he know that th9ose two guys may not even be in WWE by then
  9. John Cena vs Randy Orton. You know it's true.
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  10. Doubt that entirely. The way WWE treats Dolph, I can't see them actually using him to main event Wrestlemania. Dean Ambrose, I'm sure he's a possibility.
  11. Well, it's possible. But predicting 10 years from now isn't a very good idea.
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  12. I wouldn't take Book too literally. He's just pointing out that both of those guys are mega talented and destined for the main event. Ziggler was up there a little too soon this last run. Sometimes it's hard to tell unless you put a guy in that role. He's really red hot on the US Title scene right now, and he'll be a major contender again for the world titles before long.

    I've had Dean Ambrose spotted as a main eventer since FCW. He's the real deal. His programs with Seth Rollins and William Regal were legendary.

  13. A prediction is a guess, who doesn't know that he guessed that.
  14. Pretty hard to know what the state of WWE (or wrestling in general) will be like in ten years but I wouldn't predict that either of those guys are a shoe in for a WM main event, much less against one another.
  15. A prediction for a main-event in 10 year's?..... Ok, 2 new comers who haven't debuted yet.
  16. Dude just because they had to cool him down a bit doesn't mean his career is fucked. He's still one of the major babyfaces on Smackdown and he's a supporting player in the major Daniel Bryan vs Corporate angle. I like Dolph as much as you and whomever else, but he wasn't quite getting the reactions he should have gotten at the world title level. He *will* get there again... but things take time. It's better to have him working for the US Title and still getting strong reactions, than risk the crowd turning against him because he's not quite ready for that big big limelight. He certainly will get there, just not this second.

    I've seen a lot of people freaking out about Dolph around here. The dude is a-okay. He's better than okay. He gives 110% every night, the fans know it, and the offices knows it. Really though, compare D-Bry's reactions right now to the reactions when Dolph was world champ. Dolph had some interesting reactions but he wasn't at that level. Also they had to turn him baby face anyway, because he's supposed to be a heel then and people loved him. That requires some retooling and rebuilding before shoving him back into that spot.

    It's all good. Zig Zag Man is allllright.
  17. But why WM 40? That's 10 years away, making predictions like that is ridiculous.
  18. He did it to play with your silly little linear mind, clearly.
  19. That's not too crazy.. kofi, Rhodes, Ziggler, the shield, miz, could all very well be main events in ten years.. I wouldn't count out Cena n Orton as it was previously mentioned
  20. Ryback vs Cody Rhodes
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