Booker T twitter hacked, info exposed

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by WWE, Jun 29, 2012.

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  1. @Bookert5x twitter has been hacked

    Stole his and his wifes Twitters: (4k Followers) (301k Follows)

    Stole the emails:
    [email protected] – WIFES
    [email protected] – HIS

    sharmell & Brooker Huffman
    1005 Clover Ridge Avenue
    Friendswood, Texas 77546
    daytime phone:
    (281) 731-8603
    evening phone:
    (281) 731-8603
    (713) 817-8013
  2. Some one ring the number?
  3. I'd try that, but I guess it would be easier for someone up there in the United States to do it. I mean, how much would that cost from here?
  4. Yeah well this clan have taken over his twitter
  5. What a bunch of fags.
  6. What would someone gain out of doing that?

    Hell, if someone tried doing something to his house it will just result in Booker chasing them shouting "WUT DA HAYUL, SHUCKY DUCKY".
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  7. these guys are fags.
  8. I know, that's his personal stuff, they are racist nazis :emoji_slight_frown: and are promoting peoples twitters, I might ring the number?
  9. What a total bunch of Jizz Magicians. Thinking they can just go and hack the 5x world champ.
  10. What a bunch of fucking morons! Hope Booker finds the bastards and kicks the shit out of them.
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  11. I would pay a lot of money to see those guys brutally beaten.
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  12. Booker T, Mark Henry, The Godfather and Farooq vs the Jizz Magician nazis
  13. They have no right to do that. :/
  14. I would ring the number but i scared hell say if you call me again ill hit a spinaruni across your face
  15. :dafuq: how did you know about our plan? Nation of Domination vs. Nazis
  16. If it NOD Vs Nazis then why am i not included in the plan :dafuq:
  17. Original members only. D'lo already took out the jobbers and Mark Henry threw a truck at the grand wizard.
  18. i am a damn original member :dafuq:
  19. If you're one of those lazy bastards that didn't help me when I fought the Undertaker then get yo ass outta here! :boss:
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