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Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by koot, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. Booker t is the best GM smack down ever had, he is a no nonsence type of person and say wat he want to say
  2. Stephanie McMahon was smackdown's best GM. :fap:
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  3. seconded :fap:
  4. Steph :fap:

    But Booker's really entertaining, although I preferred him as a commentator.
  5. I second this. Edge should become Smackdown's GM lmao. Would be hilarious to see Michael Cole as GM.
  6. Booker T needs to get back in the ring he's still got it. :yes:
  7. All of you are vanilla midgets, Paul Heyman was the best Smackdown GM, him and Bichoff had some good competition since they really disliked each other and tried their best to make their shows great, which was successful. As for Booker T, he seems to be doing a decent job, not bad but also not all that great. He certainly is better then AJ Lee though.
  8. Screw what all you guys are saying. Paul Heyman is the best Smackdown GM of all time
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